Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tulip Swinging From the Ceiling

Our new tulip chandelier is finally hung up!  We bought the light fixture from Ikea a few weeks ago, but needed to get a ceiling cap and medallion to finish the job.
Because the light fixture actually just has a plus at the end of the light cord, we needed to perform a little surgery in order to hardwire it into our existing light box.  I had pictures showing the process of stripping the wire down, but of course, they got deleted when I ruined our harddrive! 

Note:  If you don't know what you're doing, don't mess with electricity!  Hire an electrician!  Also, don't forget to cut the power before working with any lights!

Anyway, after we carefully cut into the wire at our desired length to expose the two wires inside, the negitive and positive, we got ready to hook it up to the ceiling.
We also purchased a little bit of white chain to thread the simple cord through, just to glam it up a little bit.
Then Tim got to work installing the wires while I danced around him and snapped photos.

Oooh, looking mighty fine!
View from below:

After it was installed, I made Tim hold up a spare piece of crown molding that we plan on installing in here soon- doesn't it just look gorgeous?  I can't wait to eventually install it!
Now we have a nice and cheerful light that matches our brown and white color palette in our bedroom!  Modern, romantic, and gorgeous!

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  1. I hope you danced around him to the Hanson Christmas Album. Pretty lights!!!! and pretty colors :)


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