Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Talkin' the Chalk

......I painted everything in my condo with chalk paint!!!

OK, not really, but check back with me in about a year and I'm willing to bet I've painted a lot of random surfaces!  But first, to revisit what I painted a few weeks back, I finally found some chalk to write with!
There's the cabinet I painted, and below are some of the spice jars.  Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme...are you going to Scarborough Fair....
And now I've got three new projects to show you!  First, a went to Goodwill and found an old frame that was about the dimensions I wanted and had a nice thick boarder.
Onto the glass the paint went! 

PS- If you're going to be doing multiple coats of paint, you don't have to wash your paint brush every time!  Just wrap it in plastic wrap and it will stay nice and moist for a couple days.  Don't leave it for too long, or it will be ruined!
Behold the awesome after:
I have lots of awesome ideas for this guy, both for decorating the condo and for future photo sessions.  I'm itching to use it! 

I got this next idea from Sar over at Life of Love.  I took three empty bottles, soaked them in hot water to remove the label, and then covered them in the magical paint.

They can act as a surface to write a menu, or just to serve as awesome looking matte charcoal bottles.  I am just obsessed with the color and finish of this paint (you'd think I've never seen a chalkboard before, wouldn't you?).  I think these bottles would look awesome with a couple bright flowers tucked in the necks in the middle of a gorgeous table setting.

And now last but certainly not least, in the middle of my painting frenzy, I walked by these candle sticks I bought from Ikea awhile ago.  They used to be silver, but always looked a little cheap and boring.  Well, I decided to put that to a rest.  I've been meaning to paint them black for awhile now, and here I was with chalkboard paint in my hand....
Don't they look awesome with the white candles?  I'm a sucker for anything black and white
Whoops!  I lied, I had four new projects to show you!  (obsessed, seriously).  I also painted labels onto the jars we keep on our counter:
I didn't use any template or tape to make these.  I just sort of made a messy looking label because the paint is super easy to scratch off after, so if I wanted, I could scratch it into a perfect rectangle.  But, I think the messy lines looks more mason jar-y (is that a technical decorating term?) so I left the paint as is.

Ooh pretty labels...

Bonus cute story about the bunnies!  We went on a major grocery shopping trip last night:
And while I was unpacking everything, I put a couple vegetables on the ground next to me, and Bailey came sprinting over- he normally avoids us like the plague- and started pawing at the bag of apples.  When he couldn't get to an apple, instead of waiting for me to open the bag and give him one, he just attacked the broccoli and snapped off a little floret for himself.  Then, when I opened the bag of carrots, he literally pounced over, snatched the carrot, and drug it halfway across the room.  I was laughing so hard!

So adorable!


  1. I'm about to rock your world again: if you want super nice looking writing, try liquid chalk.


    Ah-maze-ing, and works really well on small spaces (e.g. your cute containers).

    Also, for future reference, if you use a light coat of spray texture on your glass surface before you chalkboard paint it, it will look like a real chalk board. Gives it in awesome texture.

  2. Great ideas!! Great bunny story!!

  3. Ah-mazing. I really need to get some of this stuff!!

    megs [at] Shine On

  4. PS. Grabbed your button - yay!!


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