Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pillow Talk

I went a little out of my realm for today's project: pillows!  I made four of them out of an extra piece of fabric I didn't need anymore (it used to be under the glass in our coffee table until we sold it).

Now, I'm not anything close to being a sewer, so I improvised the pillow making process into something that's completely inside my realm: using my straightener!
I used this Heat Bond hemming tape that's traditionally used to hem curtains- you just iron the tape into the hem and it comes out with a nice crisp line instead of having to do all the work of sewing a hem. 
Well, I was trying to decide what to do with this fabric, and though they would make nice pillows, but I don't have a sewing machine and I was certainly not going to sew them all by hand.  So I thought I would take the hemming tape and try to make pillows with it.  Why not?

So, I cut the fabric up into smaller sections using some of our other throw pillows as a guide.  I ended up with four sections for two normal sized square pillows and two smaller rectangle pillows.
Fold the fabric in half, leaving the inside out and the outside in.  Take your hemming tape and lay it right inside the edge of the fabric, all the way around, leaving a few inches to turn the pillow inside out later.
Take an iron (or in my case, a straightener that gets super hot), and slowly iron the tape into place.  The heat will make the tape melt into glue that creates a nice strong bond for the fabric.
After you've finished ironing, allow it to set for a few minutes and then turn inside out.

Now I'm left with four pillow cases!
So then I took some cotton and stuffed all the cases all full of fluffiness.
Unfortunately, this was the time I had to break out the needle and thread.  I was going to try to iron them shut, but once they were right side out, there were four layers to iron through instead of two, and it wouldn't have been able to melt enough to hold.

Fortunately, I can sew even if it's not pretty!  It only took about ten minutes to sew them all up
Yay!  Four new pillows!  I think I might put these on the deck next summer- the material is tough and durable, so they would make it OK outside!
Have any of you made pillows before?  Did you use a sewing machine or another method?


  1. I love that fabric! They look great! :)

  2. LOVE these, Shauna! Awesome work!

    megs [at] Shine On

  3. I love the fabric! I should try making pillows!

  4. I used hemming tape and an iron to make pillows too, but I never thought of using my straightening iron. Awesome!


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