Saturday, October 1, 2011

Guest Post: Oscar the Grouch

Nope, I'm not saying that Tim's as grumpy as Oscar the Grouch!  But we (Tim) just installed a garbage disposal that I've affectionately have named Oscar, and here he is to tell you about it!:

Hello everyone.  For Shauna's birthday her parents bestowed upon her the traditional gift for a 24 year old daughter.  I am, of course, talking about a garbage disposal.  She gleefully tore open the wrapping to unveil the blessed object we've both been wanting for our condo ever since we moved in.  As the person normally tasked with cleaning the dishes, I was also very excited to finally get the chance to install a disposal.

To install the garbage disposal we first had to remove the old drain and pipes. It was a pretty simple process of loosening a few screws and hammering the drain to knock it loose from the sink.  Then we had to install the new drain.  The drain fit right into its place in the sink.  However, to make sure there would be no water leaking through, we had to use plumber's putty to create a good seal.  This was my favorite part as it involved holding on to the drain from the bottom and lifting myself up so i could use my body weight to pull the drain down into the putty.  Then I just had to scrape off the excess putty that was squeezed out.

Once the drain was sealed the project consisted of attaching all the pieces.  Just had to hang the disposal from the drain and attaching the pipes.  Plumbing must be much simpler then I thought, as we got all the pipes attached and tightened into place within a few minutes.  After that it was time to plug it in, fill the sink with water, and pray that no water dripped through.  Which of course it did.  After some quick adjustments we got the leaks to stop and we had a working garbage disposal.

Overall the project was much simpler then I originally thought it would be.  Working with plumbing seems pretty difficult at first, but much of the work is just fitting pieces together until they all attached and fit in the space you need.  The real difficulty comes in making sure there are no gaps for water to get through.  Water seems to always find a way, so there is a lot of trail and error involved.

Here's a little video that we put together showing most of the steps:

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