Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Challenge: New Clothes

The ol' fall checklist is getting checked once again! 
Bonus: the chandelier I installed was on my checklist as well!

I did a little fall shopping, thanks to some gift cards, coupons, and a cash bonus!  I actually spent $1 less than all of the swag I had to spend!
New fall jacket, because a black coat actually doesn't go with everything...

I also got a couple new scarves:

And a new pair of boots!
Has anyone else done some fall shopping recently?


  1. LOVE the boots!!! Good style, friend!


  2. That jacket is so cute! Also, what's more adorable? You're wearing tights. Yesterday, I went sailing on a boat in a tank top, shorts, and flip flops. Yes, in October.

    In other news, I miss fall! <3

  3. love all your fun finds for fall--I am dying to find a new pair of boots! yours are so cute! hope you're having a great weekend! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  4. P.S. I need to learn your coupon rocking techniques ;)


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