Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Environmentally Friendly Products in Our House

Tim and I try to make environmental sustainability a priority in our home- whether it comes to composting, using energy efficient light bulbs, or eating less meat.  

Because Tupperware containers are like socks in our home, they disappear constantly.  Soon enough after I reorganized my Tupperware cupboard, we were just left with a handful of containers and too many leftovers.  I've mentioned before how I'd like to eventually replace all our plastic with ceramic or glass items to cut down on any off-gassing toxins in our house.  Enter Pyrex!  We purchased a little kit of five containers and lids at Target and are in love with them!  The lids are nice and sturdy, they're a nice size, and we definitely will be buying more sometime soon!  This particular kit has four dishes that are a nice size for lunch, and then one larger container that's perfect for leftovers.

Another one of my favorite products comes from Whole Foods for $2.99.  I can't find a link or picture of it anywhere, but they carry these little plasticy tote bags that fold up really small and can be clipped on as a key chain- I throw mine in my purse and end up using it constantly!  They are really similar to EnviroSax, which are super cute and I would love to have as well!

When it comes to cleaning products, we're pretty loyal to a few brands.  Most of the supplies we use are from Mrs. Meyer's or 7th Generation- have you guys ever smelled the Basil scent from Mrs. Meyers?  Oh em gee- amazing!  The packaging of Mrs. Meyer's is oh so cute!  I've yet to use a product between these two brands that I didn't like.  Even the 7th generation toilet paper is suitable ;)!
I've also picked up a bottle of Dr Bronner's to use for cleaning, but still haven't really used it for anything.  I've used it as body wash once and it was nice, but Tim and I both still have plenty of body wash left before switching to this.  So, while it smells nice, I don't have much of a review to give it- except to say that it's very versatile and natural!
As for skin care, I swear by Ole Henriksen.  I switched to this about a year and a half ago after a suggestion from a friend, and my skin immediately cleared up.  I became a vegan at the same time, so I can't tell you which it was, but I don't use anything other skin care products anymore!

I've confessed my love to baking soda before, and I'm still singing the praises for it.  It's such a natural, cheap, and easy product, and we always keep it stashed in our house!
What are your tired and true brands/items/products?  I'm curious what everyone else uses as must haves!

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  1. I love how environmentally conscious you are!


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