Monday, October 24, 2011

101 in 1001 Days

I've signed up to participate in a blog swap hosted by Holly of Perfectly Imperfect where we're all assigned a partner and then we send our buddy something to help them with their list.  I'm been paired up with Meghan from Shine On, which is funny because we actually have known each other since junior high!  

My list is below; I'll update it during the next 1001 days as I start crossing stuff off my list! 

Date Started:10/19/2011
Ending Date: 07/26/2014
In Progress
  1. See a show on Broadway in NYC
  2. Go to ten new musicals
  3. Continue to see the Nutcracker every Christmas (1/3)
  4. See a new band in concert (Foster the People, Mumford & Sons 12/8/11)
  5. Travel to Thailand
  6. Travel to Greece or another international destination
  7. Take a road trip 
  8. Travel to Boston
  9. Travel to Chicago 
  10. Go camping at Mt Rainier
  11. Visit Cannon Beach, OR 
  12. Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet
    • The Change Up (4 stars, 12/15/11)
    • Drive (4 stars, 2/1/12)
    • Fair Game (5 stars, 10/22/2011)
    • Glee the Concert (1 star, 1/17/2012) 
    • The Hunger Games (4 stars, 3/30/2012)
    • Idiocracy  (4 stars, 12/29/2011)
    • Just Go With It (4 stars, 11/25/11)
    • My  Idiot Brother (4 stars 12/8/11) 
    • Never Let Me Go (4 stars, 11/13/2011) 
    • Phoebe in Wonderland (3.5 stars, 12/16/2011) 
    • Somewhere  (3.5 stars, 12/13/11)
    • The Switch (4 stars, 12/11/11) 
    • We Bought a Zoo (4 stars 12/25/11)
    • Young Adult (4 stars 3/2/11)
  13. Read 26 books I haven't read yet starting with each letter of the alphabet. Chosen solely for it's title. A, and The don't count
    • Bossypants (5 stars, 1/2/2012)
    • Catching Fire (5 stars, 11/29/2011) 
    • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (4 stars, 10/23/2011)
    • The Help (5 stars, 10/29/2011) 
    • Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (4.5 stars, 1/1/2011)
    • Little Bitty Lies (3 stars, 12/23/11) 
    • Mockingjay  (3.5 stars, 12/1/11)
    • Remember Me, Sophie Kinsella (4 stars, 12/11/11)
    • Stupid and Contagious (5 stars, 1/24/2012)
    • Teacher Man (4 stars, 3/30/2012)
  14. Read 10 new books
    1. The Hunger Games (5 Stars, 11/24/2011)
    2. Sisterhood Everlasting (4 Stars, 3/25/2012)
  15. Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find
  16. Do 25 acts of kindness for my 25th birthday 
  17. Build a mantle for my fireplace
  18. Make a bubble chandelier 
  19. Install crown molding in my bedroom
  20. Make a custom jewelry holder 
  21. Refinish a piece of furniture (Step 1Step 2Step 3Final Reveal)
  22. Complete a half marathon
  23. Run the Jingle Bell Bash and St. Paddy's Day 5k races
  24. Participate in the Seattle To Portland Bicycle Classic 
  25. Start doing yoga
  26. Go on a picnic
  27. Get a massage every month for a year (4/12)
  28. Make a dessert for Christmas 
  29. Make a vegan apple pie from scratch for Tim's birthday
  30. Knit a blanket
  31. Adopt a hypoallergenic dog from a shelter
  32. Go back to college for another degree (registered 11/14/11!)
  33. Put six months worth of living expenses into a separate emergency savings account (2/6 months saved so far!)
  34. Pay off our car
  35. Do a cheesy photo shoot with Tim, complete with funny props
  36. Photograph a location in all 4 season of the year (must find a place where this exists in WA, maybe Leavenworth?)
  37. Write a letter to Tim to be opened on our 10 year anniversary and make him do the same
  38. Go on two more overnight trekking adventures
  39. Go skydiving again
  40. Learn Spanish
  41. Make a "People are Strange" photo essay
  42. Get a blog featured somewhere (here!)
  43. Take salsa dancing lessons
  44. Figure out what I want to do with my life
  45. Go rock climbing in Thailand
  46. See the Seattle Rock Orchestra
  47. See the Nirvana exhibit at EMP
  48. Go to a comedy show (03/08/12)
  49. Grow some vegetables 
  50. Install my wireless memory card
  51. Buy a new couch
  52. Find a good furniture layout in my living room 
  53. Host a game board night (11/11/11)
  54. Read another Shakespeare play
  55. Go on a trip with my friends 
  56. Go snowboarding (03/10/12)
  57. Go to ballet every week for a month
  58. Go to zumba every week for a month
  59. Try sugaring
  60. Redecorate someone's place
  61. Have a real Harry Potter marathon: all books and all movies! (Completed 1/18/2012)
  62. Have a spa day
  63. Go ice skating
  64. Go to the World Cup in Brazil
  65. Replace all the clothes I let the bunnies chew holes in
  66. Start learning some ASL
  67. Hand out toiletries, food, or clothing items to the homeless
  68. Take my grandma to pick out a new puppy 
  69. Host a wine tasting party
  70. Frame my bathroom mirror
  71. Make a giant mirror
  72. Get a friendship tattoo with Malena & Lindsey
  73. Officially register as an organ donor
  74. Be in someone's wedding (Hint, hint, universe!)
  75. Make a slide show to Dog Days are Over
  76. Make spaghetti sauce from scratch
  77. Make my grandma's banana bread (vegan style) 
  78. Learn to make grandma spaghetti (vegan style)
  79. Try 10 new vegan recipes
    1. Roasted Green Beans and Mushrooms
    2. Buffalo Tempeh Wings
    3. Zucchini Sticks
    4. Sweet Corn Quinoa Fried Rice
    5. Lentil Sloppy Joes 
    6. Mini Quiche
    7. Smores Bites
    8. Veggiewursts
    9. Slow Cooker Apple Cinnamon Oats
    10. Roasted Chickpea Tacos
  80. Watch the sunrise and sunset on both coasts
  81. Take a nice, relaxing, beach vacation and actually relax!
  82. Take a wine making, cooking class, or similar 
  83. Keep a birthday or Christmas surprise for Tim for once!
  84. Sleep under the stars during a meteor shower
  85. Pay for the person behind me at the drive through
  86. Write a short story
  87. Go paint balling
  88. Make my own drunk kitchen video ;)!
  89. Climb a real mountain
  90. Leave a 100% tip to someone who deserves it
  91. Take my parents out to dinner and pay
  92. Learn to use Photoshop
  93. Learn to change a tire
  94. Visit Alaska  
  95. Try out P90X
  96. Write my granny a letter once a month
  97. Make a cool Halloween costume (Dexter and Kill Victim, 10/31/2011)
  98. Compliment a stranger
  99. Babysit my baby cousin
  100. Donate $5 to charity for each task I don’t complete
  101. Celebrate 5 years of marriage on 7/11/2014


    1. Oh. Em. Gee. I'm so excited to help out with this list! :) Are there any specific ones that you'd 'like' help with? :)

    2. I would love to assist in the drunken cooking video!


    3. Okay, you can come to Ohio and re-do my house, then we'll fly to Boston to visit Charles and Kathrine, on our way to Africa!


    I love hearing your comments! Thanks for stopping by!