Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yummy Drinks!

I've made a plethora of adult beverages over the last two weeks, and as always, I took pictures every step of the way!  I figured all my blog readers might want to learn some new drink ideas!

First, Lindsey and I made some delicious Strawberry Champagne Smoothies (which I made again later with my granny)

We took a whole pint of strawberries and hulled them, then tossed them in the blender until nice and smooth
Then, add half a bottle of champagne and freeze into ice cubes.

Here is where we didn't think this thing through, because we wanted these drinks now!  So we poured ourselves a little bit while we waiting for the mixture to freeze.

...And we didn't wait very long!  We only managed to make it until they were slushie-fied!  After adding a little more champagne and blending it, we had a thicker smoothie like drink, but it was still more liquidy than expected.  

But who cares, because they were delicious!  Add a squeeze of lime and cheers!

Even the grandmas love this one!

Then, Drew and I made some PomPaigns, a creation we made up our selves.

Take some Pomegranate Pear juice...
Grab some champagne....
Mix it up...


I also made strawberry and lemon Jell-O shots with whipped creme vodka because I had a nearly full bottle that I never drank because I don't really like it...whipped creme vodka can be good sometimes, and it does taste great in strawberry Jell-O, but man it burns after!  My mom and I only had one bite!  

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