Friday, September 23, 2011

Recycling Old Gadgets

Recently, Tim and I finished a project two years in the making: getting rid of all the old electronics that were cluttering our shelves.  You don't want to throw these in the garbage, because they leak toxic chemicals into our earth, and it's just a non decomposing pile junk in the landfills.

I heard about this site Gazelle that will pay for our old electronics and recycle those that they can't pay for.  We decided to take a shot with what we had.
We needed to recycle a blackberry, and old IPhone we found, some old cameras, a DS Lite, and 2 older generation IPods.  It was really simple to look up the products on the website and estimate what the condition was.  They give you an estimated total cash back based on what you enter, and then print a label and mail in your items for free.  Then the company either mails you a check or sends a gift card.  We opted for an Amazon gift card because you're give 10% more money with this option.

It only took a week to receive the Amazon credit, which Tim immediately spent on new video game gear!

We did something similar when we were cleaning out our old DVD's.  Amazon has a program to recycle old TV shows or movies in exchange for Amazon credit.  We were planning on sending the DVD's to Goodwill anyways, so even a few bucks is more than nothing!  We were pleasantly surprised with how much we actually got back.  With our first set, we got almost $40 for just a few seasons.  We're planning on sending in a pile of movies soon as well, so we'll see how those go!

Have any of you ever sold or recycled old electronics?  It's nice to receive cash and keep that junk out of the landfills, isn't it?

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  1. Visiting from the 15 day link up. I am glad to know those turn in your old electronics things actually work!


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