Monday, September 5, 2011

Promise Me Our Lives Will Always Be An Adventure

This weekend, Tim and I took a long trek (drive) down to Crater Lake, Oregon.  Boy does that seven hour drive turn into ten hours oh so easily!  But at the end of the day, Crater Lake is gorgeous!

We caught the sunset along the way at Odell Lake- so pretty:

At long last, we caught our first glimpse of the lake the next morning

The park only has 18 miles of hiking trails- although many of those miles are just simple walks!  We did a few of the more strenuous trails, Watchman Peak and Cleetwood Cove.  
Here's a view of Watchman Peak before we climbed

Being at the top of a mountain range, we could see for miles in every direction.  Very cool!
Wizard Island

Cleetwood Cove is the most strenuous trail in the park.  It's a little weirder than we're used to, because you hike down first and then tackle the steep elevation on the way back. 

Crater Lake holds the worlds record for the clearest water, as you can see!  We even saw a crawfish crawling along a rock beside us- see him in the picture below?
While we were up in the forest, there were two natural wild fires that the rangers were keeping an eye on.  The protocol in this situation is to just allow the fires to burn naturally unless they become dangerous to humans or get out of hand.  This way, the forest restarts a new growth cycle on its own.  Did you know that some pine cones don't grow unless they're "activated" by high temperatures?
Later in the day, as the sun went down, the lake started to reflect the surrounding landscape beautifully.
The Phantom Ship:
And one of the more impressive parts of our trip?  Check out our 58.0 MPG we racked up during the drive.  Go Prius!


  1. Wow, what a beautiful place, love the pictues!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the pics too, such a neat place. I really need to get back to WA so I can explore everything I missed the 20 years I lived there!


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