Thursday, September 1, 2011

Organizing Part Three: Nooks and Crannies!

In the haze of my recent organization frenzy, I carried the tidying urge over to my Tupperware after this happened:

Yes, we have a lot of Tupperware!  And since I'm on a mission to eliminate toxic chemicals in my house and thus replace all our plastic containers with glass ones, I knew that now was the time to clean up!

All clean!

Extras for Goodwill (We never used them)

In other news, on a recent trip to Costco, I couldn't help but grab another pack of velvet hangers (I already bought one of the 50 packs awhile back) to further organize my closet- well OK, just make it prettier. 

Tim hates these hangers with a mad fiery passion, so I kept all his clothes on the old white plastic hangers and took all the pretty new velvet ones for myself.  Don't they all just look so gorgeous?

Lastly, I had a chance to tidy up the area under the sink where we keep most of our cleaning supplies, in addition to the garbage and recycle bins. 

It feels good to get all of the cabinets organized!  Has anyone else been on an organizing spree, or is it just me?

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