Friday, September 9, 2011

Let Me Please Introduce..Tim!

Inspired by Sarah at [life of love]'s adorable story of how she met her handsome boyfriend, I was prompted to introduce Tim and myself to anyone who might stop by and read my blog (hi!!).  I thought it might be fun to introduce each other instead of trying to write about myself...So here goes!
About Tim (as written by Shauna):
Tim is one of those perfect husbands you spend your life dreaming about, who your elder female relatives coo over, and who your girlfriends are constantly commenting about how considerate and sweet he is.  His mother must have raised him right, because he's every girl's fantasy!  You can read more about why I love him here.

"I'm crazy!  He's crazy!  We're the same kind of crazy!  And that's love!"  - Constance, Party Down

I met Tim in October 2004.  One of my best friends Nicole was coming back from her college in Montana for a quick weekend to see all of us girls (most of our group was a year younger than Nicole and her best friend Amber, who was still living in Silverdale with the rest of us at the time).  I didn't know it at the time, but Nicole and Amber had both been chatting with Tim on the phone during the last few months, reminiscent about their days of dating him in the past.  Yup, both Nicole and Amber dated Tim briefly during high school.  We all like to joke that he's too lazy to find new girlfriends, so he just hops from friend to friend.

But I had never heard of this Tim fellow, and when Nicole invited him to come hang out with us during a break, I was just slightly annoyed because I wanted Nicole all to myself.  Who was this "Tim" fellow and why was he encroaching on my Nicole time when I've never even heard of him before?

Well, as soon as he got in the car, he was more than happy to participate in our sing-a-long to Busta Rhymes, so I figured he was alright enough to stay and hang out.  Later that day, he spent the rest of the afternoon ignoring everyone else and singing along with me to Ashlee Simpson, Third Eye Blind, and whatever else we were all listening to that day.  I was surprised at how at-ease I felt with this guy, and I was secretly impressed by his ability to just let loose and sing loudly with a bunch of people he barely knew.

None the less, I was not interested, not in Tim, and not in having a boyfriend at the moment.  So I continued to ignore him the rest of the weekend with Nicole, and even started dating a different guy that Nicole brought to meet us all that weekend as well.  Needless to say, that ended as soon as it started.  Mega republican verses a mega liberal= too many differences that we couldn't put aside (plus I was only, 17, why would I?).

Fast forward a few weeks to the end of October.  October 27th to be exact.   I was having an incredibly bored day and wanted to visit my friend at her coffee stand, but didn't want to go alone.  Everyone in my phone was busy, until I reached the T's and found two Tim's instead of one.  For some reason, I decided to text Tim in the off chance that he might be free and want to hang out.  He was!  (why he was sitting around his house alone on his birthday I never asked...)

Tim and I began to hang out occasionally over the course of the next few months.  I would casually invite him to join whenever a group of us would hang out, and I always got along with him great.  We had similar senses of humor, and we bounced off one another really easily.  Four years later, at our wedding, Tim's best man even said that we had a certain way of "back and forth" between us in his speech.

Yet, friends we remained.  During this time, I had begun to date someone else- even though I was adamant that I had no interest in being serious with anyone.  I was leaving for almost the whole summer soon, then moving away to college as soon as I got back.  The last thing I wanted was a boyfriend, and I especially didn't want to get serious with someone.  I wont pretend like I didn't know Tim was interested, but I continued to insist to myself that we were just friends, I didn't like him, and I didn't want to be anything more than friends.  But I could only hide my feelings for so long, right?  It's hard to keep a wall up when you've met someone who just clicks with you- he gets you, he accepts everything about you just the way you are, and he's a fun loving adventurous guy (or so I hoped).  I giggled like a little school girl every time I thought about him, but still, I!  I knew that if we started dating, it wouldn't be just casual dating like it was with everyone else.

But, alas, one night, we went to go see Guess Who with Malena, me sitting between the two of them at the theater.  By this time, try as I might to resist, but all I wanted to do was to lean into Tim and have his arm around me.  So I put up the arms to the seats and laid my arm down, hand up, clear as day for him to grab it. I couldn't tell you what happened in the movie if you begged me too- I was too busy watching Tim's hand creep closer to mine, then dart away, then slowly inch closer and closer.  Eventually, being the forward girl I am, I just grabbed his arm and held his hand.

And the rest is history..sorta.  The next two weeks were a blur.  My high school prom was coming up, and Tim and I still weren't officially dating.  In fact, we still hadn't gone on a single date!  I was still caught in that awkward stage between wanting to be with Tim and not wanting to be caught up in the butterflies stages of our relationship when I left for a month long trip to Wales in just a few short weeks.

I wasn't planning on going to prom, but my friend Lindsey was insisting on it.  I didn't have a date, and didn't really feel like going in a group.  Secretly, I just wanted to spend time with Tim; I didn't care if it was at the dance or not.  During one tirade of why I didn't want to go to prom, Lindsey interrupted me and shouted, 'Why don't you just have Tim take you??? (while Tim was standing right next to us, of course)"  When he dropped me off at home later, he nervously stuttered that he would be honored to take me to my prom if I wanted to.

Well, I accepted, and the cutest thing happened.  After submitting a form to request for Tim to have a guest pass to escort me, I arrived home to hear my mom listening to a message that a teacher had left on our machine.  I had never even met this teacher before, but she had Tim as a T.A. in her class for just a few short days before he switched courses.  She called to say that Tim was one of the nicest and most upstanding  guy that she had ever met, and that I should be very proud to have him as my date- isn't that just adorable?

A week before prom, Tim and I had made plans to go on what we later decided was our very first date.  After a horribly embarrassing incident when one of Tim's friends asked if Tim had finally asked me out yet in front of about 50 people and I awkwardly got so tongue tied that I couldn't answer, we took the ferry over to Seattle to catch a Pink Floyd laser show at the PacSci Laser Dome.  On the ride over, we were standing on the back of the ferry, sharing ear buds to my IPod and watching the complete darkness of night drift away.  Wonderful Tonight began playing, and before I knew it, Tim and I had our first kiss under the stars (how romantic, right?)

Well, the rest really is history.  We've been madly in love ever since that day, six and a quarter short years ago (not that I'm keeping count but our 6.5 year anniversary is in two weeks!).  In all that time, we've only spent more than a day apart three times.   What can I say, I hate being without him! 
Nowadays, Tim works as a Claims Examiner for a life insurance company.  He graduated with a major in History and a minor in Political Science from WWU four years ago (yikes!  Has it really been that long?).  Just like me, he doesn't have any experience with home improvements, but he's learning!  I usually need to draw him a Paint diagram for him to picture any changes I want to make to the condo, although now he usually just nods to anything I suggest.  Lately, he's been getting a lot more into the renovations, becoming excited by making bathroom plans and even suggesting we turn our front closet into a mini mudroom.  DIY man on the way!  Unlike me, he's not a vegan, but has made humongous changes in his diet since I made the drastic leap a year and a half ago after watching this documentary.  Once, he read a paragraph over my shoulder about cows used for veal and ended up not buying milk ever again unless it came from a "happy cow" farm.  He's even been branching out and drinks hemp milk a lot of the time instead- Tim used to drink a couple glasses of cow's milk every day.  The best part is, I never asked him to do any of that; he only eats meat about 10% of the time now, and never at home. He watched the transformation in my mood and energy levels and wanted a piece of the action.   But now back to what makes Tim who he really is...
  • He's old school.  He still opens the door for me every day
  • He puts everyone else ahead of himself.  Selfless to the very end- a perfect match for me ;)
  • He loves Dr Pepper
  • He loves a good adventure- be that navigating a foreign country where we both don't speak the language, or skydiving
  • He's obsessed with Star Wars
  • He loves to get addicted to a good show- specifically Mad Men, Dexter, West Wing or Lost
  • He secretly (it's not really a secret) loves chick flicks
  • He's super smart and knowledgeable about politics and religion- he's my walking encyclopedia on these subjects!  He's really good at explaining things as well- my friends all call him with questions.  He's pretty liberal and draws his own conclusions when it comes to religion- which is one of the biggest things I admire about him
  • He loves video games
  • He's pretty traditional, although he loves to break the mold if it involves a good adventure
  • He loves soccer! And football!
  • He actually reads before he signs
  • We spend all day texting and emailing each other.  We often even text each other while together with others!  A good half of Tim's messages end in smiley faces :)
  • He talks to our bunnies in baby voices, but is scared of picking them up
  • He hates tomatoes!
  • He loves to laugh, and does so often
  • He loves date night like a woman does- one of his favorite things is getting dressed up and going to dinner with me (although he loves anything that involves dressing up!)
  • We still sit up and chat for hours before we fall asleep, just like we used to do on the phone when we first met.  Oh boy can Tim and I talk
  • He has a pretty wide range of cultural interests- he's happy at the ballet, watching a musical, or in the middle of a mosh put at a rock concert
  • He's always wanted to become a pilot
  • We love trying to pretend we're mature adults...although we fit in with groups of older couples really well!  We love to mingle!  Seriously, this boy may come off as shy, but he can charm a stranger in two seconds flat- I've seen it!
  • All in all, Tim likes to keep things simple and carefree.  He hates conflict more than anything, and doesn't like to take anything too seriously.  Like they say in Almost Famous "I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if you never take it seriously, you never get hurt, if you never get hurt, you always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends."
Anyway, I hope that gives you all a better glimpse of who Tim is!  Tomorrow, you'll get to hear everything from his perspective!  You can read more about why I love him here!

PS-  Tim, I'm still sorry we didn't dance to Wonderful Tonight at our wedding!!  Next time!


  1. I was insisting we go to prom? haha I really don't remember that. Prom was kinda lame too. Maybe it was destiny making me do it!


  2. My version is the real version, just FYI. :)

    This is SO CUTE! I was just thinking about changing mine and Nick's up, so I'm glad you did yours too! I was thinking about sitting down with each other and saying our good/bad qualities. Who knows, who knows...

    Regardless, this is CUTE! I read a little about your second anniversary, and you two are so sweet together. Super glad you found each other.

  3. That sounds like a fun post Sarah!! You and Nick are so cute also :)!

  4. Thanks for the compliment. Tim has been blessed through your relationship. I'm so happy that he found you.


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