Monday, September 12, 2011

Introducing Shauna!

Enjoy my version of how I met my husband?  Well here's his side of the story:

 "I met Shauna through an ex-girlfriend, who I met through an ex-girlfriend, who I met... well you get the point.  You see?  I had always been a boyfriend person.  Terrible at meeting girls, but great at being a boyfriend.  Probably had something to do with the fact that I was pretty much raised as the only guy around a pack of girls.  I have no problem watching chick flicks or girly TV shows.  I did have a problem with girls dumping me though.  An ex invited me to come hang out one day when she was back in town for college.  I said yes, of course, because that's what I do.  Little did I know I would be meeting the love of my life.

We met in the college parking lot.  I was stuffed in the back seat of one of the girls cars and we drove off to do whatever it is College/High School age kids do. We eventually ended up at one of the girls houses.  I hadn't really had a chance to talk to anyone yet, but I knew what to do when surrounded by a group of teenage girls.  I sang Backstreet Boy songs! Duh!  Not that I ever expected this move to work, but it was all I had.   However, I slowly began to notice the tall brown haired girl who was singing with me at the top of her lungs.  This continued for the rest of the day.

I was hooked.  Somehow I had to get this girl to date me.  Only problem was, I was terrible at getting girls to date me.  I was a nerdy guy that wore too big t-shirts, had a terrible hair cut, and no confidence in my flirting abilities.  I tried my hardest to be impressive, but I think she had her eyes set on someone else.  Another opportunity wasted.  I figured Shauna would be added to the list of girls who liked to hang out with me, then date other guys and tell me about them.

We ended up seeing each other a few times over the next few months.  She bought me an Italian soda for my birthday out of the blue.  I saw her once on campus and went over to chat with her.  Later, a friend asked me who that hot chick I was talking to was, and said I definitely needed to get with her somehow.  Somehow we started talking on the phone.  Those phone calls turned into hour long sing-a-long sessions and deep conversation.  Eventually we started hanging out in person more and more.  After weeks of this I finally got the courage to ask her out.... She of course said no.... sort of.  However, we kept hanging out, and eventually on March 25th, at a movie, she reached out and held my hand.  15 days later, we were kissing on the back of a ferry.  Months after that we had told each other we loved each other.  One thing led to another and on July 11th 2009 she said "I do".

Shauna is the most organized, stylish, creative, and crazy person I know.  She is full of life and makes her own rules.  Now that the cliches are done I can also tell you how she gets so emotional watching movies she will fall out of her chair laughing and start crying before she hits the floor when it all of a sudden gets sad.  She hates sports with a passion, but still listens to me talk about my soccer teams until I run out of things to say.  She plans things months in advance.  She redecorates our house so often sometimes I get lost.  She pretty much takes care of all the important things in our life so I can concentrate on playing video games and reading. She transformed me from a nerdy yet athletic, terribly dressed, Sci Fi geek; into a well dressed, handsomer athletic Sci-Fi geek.  She loves going on adventures.  Because of her I've driven down the California coast, swam in ocean off the coast of Costa Rica, flown to Hawaii, and traveled to London, Paris, and Rome.  She planned trips for me to go to Soccer games in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  Without her, I would never have done any of these things.  Those are just some of the many reasons I love her."


  1. You guys are so friggin' cute. Sounds like you're a match made in heaven.

  2. PS, Shauna, LOVE your favicon!

  3. She's all that! Makes me tear up reading it!

  4. Well said son. Just a side note. Growing up with a bunch of girls maybe isn't all bad.


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