Wednesday, September 7, 2011


No long weekend is complete without a trip to Ikea, and that's just what Tim and I did!  We came home with a pretty small haul for us:
You'll see a couple white frames to test out on our frame wall, some spice jars, some CFL light bulbs, a chandelier, a soap pump, and a white planter.

The chandelier looks like this when it's all put together:
Now we have to decide where to put it.  Our contenders are the living room, the hallway, or our bedroom.  The living room already has a fancy light I switched it out for awhile ago, but I only like it, not love it.  Although, while staring at yesterday, I realized it's the perfect base for the bubble chandelier that I've been dying to make!  The main thing holding me back from tackling this project was how I would crate the base, but the existing fixture might just work perfectly.  Hmmm...

But back to our new pretty tulip light, we held it up in all the possible locations to try and get an idea of where it would fit the best.  Could it go in the living room?

Orrrrrr the hallway?
Or perhaps the bedroom?

What do you guys think?  Personally, I loved it in the hallway, but Tim likes the bedroom better (this could be because we both don't like the hand me down chandelier my parents gave us- sorry mom!  We've been looking for the right replacement for months!).  For now, We've got it hanging in the bedroom while we decide.  I really like it in there too, but I loved it so much in the hallway that it's going to be tough finding something else that works as well in there!

The frames we purchased were used to start tackling the photo wall that we're putting in the nook.  Do you see them below?

After I worked them into the placeholders on the wall, I started filling them with a few little items.  The first is a little quote I ripped out of a magazine that says, "In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary," from Aaron Rose.
The second is...well, it's a photo of a naked lady.  I ripped this out of a magazine years ago because it's so serene.  I thought it might be weird having a naked lady hung up in my grown up living room, but what can I say?  It makes me feel peaceful and it's a pretty color!
Finally, I drew a little homemade sign, copying this quote from Tad Carpenter.  Obviously I'm not so great at the handwriting, but this can either be a placeholder for now, charming homemade art..?
Lastly, doesn't my new soap pump look pretty in my bathroom?  I've named her Myrtle!  Who knows why?

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  1. I love your frame wall! I'm pretty sure I saw that idea (key and all!) on Pinterest (and I think I pinned it), which means I LOVE IT! ;)

    Also, I vote the bedroom.


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