Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hiding the Uggos!

Every house has a bevy of ugly cords that ruins the aesthetic appeal of their living rooms, game rooms, bedrooms, etc.  Hopefully you all don't have as much video game equipment as Gemma and I have to deal with from our husbands, but I'll talk more about that in the future!

Today, I want to show you how we hid our glaringly obviously cords that run from our TV that's mounted above our fireplace in our living room. 

After the TV was first installed, we let the cords dangle all over the wall and floor until we bothered to purchase a cord cover that looks like this:
After it was installed, that's how it remained for the next 2 years.  Just like this:
But there was one very important problem with this set up.  See that big gap of cords floating about, not covered, and looking ugly?  No?  That's because I painted them to match the wall...but that wasn't enough for me.  For the last two years, I've been staring at that patch while we watched TV, slowly becoming more agitated with the situation.

Then, I had finally had enough!  In the midst of my I Hate Lamp rampage, I ran over to Tim and demanded, yes demanded, that we go get another cord cover to hide the rest of the cords. 

And that's exactly what we did.  We bought another cord cover identical to the one we already owned, and we also bought two extra long cords to fit our new media arrangement.

Let me pause the cord story to flip onto another related makeover.  During my organizational tirade, I needed to make room for the items on the old shelved lamp that I was trashing.  So, what I did was to first salvage the very bottom shelf of the lamp and turn it into a tiny side table shoved beside my couch.
Here I put our magazines, along with a little basket to keep the remotes in.  The bunnies love it; they pretty much haven't set foot anywhere else in the house ever since the table became a safe haven for them
As for the rest of the lamp's items, we had a DVD booklet and some scrapbooks, along with the PS3 and Apple TV.  We keep all our DVD's minus the TV season in this giant 200 sleeve CD book, so that we don't have to deal with losing miles of real estate to the cases.  It's also a lot prettier to look at and easier to organize (yay organizing!).

After tossing a bunch of our dining hutch memorabilia to Goodwill, we had plenty of room to throw in all of the lamp's old buddies.  We added a shelf to accommodate the PS3 and the eco-friendly surge protector that cuts off all the power flowing to the TV, PS3, and other electronics at the end of the night.  Down below, we could now fit in the DVD case, scrapbooks, shredder, and some bottles in the back!  The Apple TV got prime real estate right on top.  I sure do love that thing, but whats up with the lack of blue tooth remote, huh? 
 So, this ^ became this:
 (Pretend that the drawer full of stemware is above these plates- we've misplaced the drawer screws and haven't been able to re-install it)
 And that ^ become this:
After tossing the lamp, the hutch got centered in the nook, which was great for looks but not so much for the cords.  Trying to stretch a cord from the TV all the way to inside the hutch was a little bit too much for all of those electronics.  But fear not, Tim simply ordered extra long cables from Amazon to accommodate the difference.  Now we could hide the cords flush against the wall!
Now onto the actual gritty details, the first thing we did was to take down the old cord cover and rearrange it to be flush with where the cords came out of the TV.  In the previous location, the cover was butting heads with the fireplace molding anyway, so I figured a higher local was a win-win.

Never wanting to leave ugly holes, I filled in the old screw holes with caulk and painted them to match the wall.

Then Tim and I screwed the cord cover into the new place, and cut the new second cover small enough to finish the wall out.  After a few coats of paint, it was ready to installed next to the old cover.

....And here's where we hit our next problem.  We forgot about the extension cord that we plugged into the TV because it couldn't reach the outlet.  Well, now it was too short to follow the cord path we had decided on...grrr!  After much maneuvering and grr'ing, we finally figured out that we could just run the TV's original cord to the end of the wall and let the extension cord run along with the rest of the cords.  The big problems with this?  The TV would be sitting off center,
And the extension cord has a giant head that hangs out on the side of the wall.  Definitely not a permanent solution....but for now it's working until we get around to buying more cord covers and an extension cord.
The plan is to run the cords to the back of this side wall and then down and over to the hutch.  We used the leftover cover from the front to start the side wrangling, but this project will require probably two more covers, but it'll look very nice when it's finished!

So here's the nice before/after of the cords:

How does everyone else hide their cords?  Get a regular TV stand instead of mounting your TV's in the middle of the wall?  Yeah, much better idea!

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