Wednesday, September 21, 2011

15 Day Challenge Link-Up: Day 8

Day 8: What is one of your favorite TV Shows?  Explain.

Well, most people would assume I'd be writing about Glee...and they would be right, if we were excluding all of the second and third seasons (don't get me started).  But I'm actually going to write about another of my favorite shows:  American Dreams.  I've randomly talked about this show about 4 times this week, both on here and in person, so I feel like it's a sign.  Also, one of the main characters from America Dreams was on Glee last night!

Anyway, American Dreams is a show set in the 60's about a girl and her best friend who get picked to become regular dancers on American Bandstand in Philadelphia.  The show basically follows her in her life at Catholic school, at home with her family, and dancing on the show.  It's chock full of awesome 60's pop and cute boys- Joey Lawrence is on there, and the boy who plays her brother is so very cute as well (and a family friend of my bff!).
The reason I love this show?  Well, I'm obsessed with the sixties.  And this show does a great job of sweeping you off your feet and making you feel like you're part of the characters.  I'm a sucker for shows that involve dancing, and there's an episode where everyone gets up and starts dancing at the drive-in, for pete's sake!  How do you not melt at that?  They were canceled after three seasons, but I've survived :(

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