Tuesday, September 20, 2011

15 Day Challenge Link-Up: Day 6

Whew, I'm definitely falling behind on the 15 Day Challenge!  But now that my long three day weekend is over, I'm back to my regularly scheduled programming!  

Day 6 (a bit late!): If you could have any job in the entire world, what would it be and why?

Well, hands down, I would be a travel journalist/photographer.  I love to travel, I love to write, and I love to take pictures.  And now that Tim got me a fancy new camera for my birthday,  it's made me see how even more amazing our adventure travels can look.  
I've also always wanted to work for a magazine- a travel, woman's, or cooking magazine most likely.  

And lastly, this dream has slowly started to creep up on me in the last few years, I'd love to become some sort of environmental advocate and help save the world's oceans and forest.   

Well I guess I better get started working on those dreams, huh??

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  1. I always thought being a photographer would be a wonderful dream profession. Taking pictures of life in its moments. Things to share, the good, the beautiful, the ugly..it's really kind of magical. So, get to working!! :)


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