Sunday, September 25, 2011

15 Day Challenge Link-Up: Day 12

Day 12: Bullet your whole day.

Well, as this challenge comes at the end of a weekend and I usually like to blog about my weekends, I thought I might as well just bullet the whole weekend!
  • Friday Night:  Movies
Tim and I went to go see Moneyball.  Tim was employee of the month again, and received a movie gift I let him pick the movie this time!  Just kidding, I totally wanted to see it too!  We had a laughing fit in the lobby because of the snack Tim picked out compared to the snack I picked...

Tim's giant popcorn and soda...

...and my little cup of water!  
  • Friday Night Part 2: Birthday Party!
We met up with one of my favorite girls for her birthday party: PJ!  We just love making weird faces:

And I got some amazing red velvet cake!! Omgosh we had the best food at her dinner.  Smith has the best sweet potato fries I've ever had in my life!
  • Saturday Morning: Tim has the sniffles
We were going to go hiking at Mt Rainier this weekend, but Tim was feeling a cold come on, so we decided to go fix our bikes instead.  We're planning on participating in next year's Seattle to Portland bike ride, so we've got to start practicing! But first, food!

We went to PCC and grabbed some quick breakfast.  I got tofu scramble, breakfast potatoes, Italian broccoli, and a honey crisp apple.

Tim got some eggs, tofu scramble, one sausage link (that made me laugh), and some broccoli!  I was so surprised when I saw his big pile of greens with his breakfast!  Mr. Dr Pepper and chips for breakfast no more!
  • Saturday Morning Again: Target! And Sports Authority!
We ran to grab a tire pump, paper towels, and contact solution from Target (Hey I'm bulleting every detail!), and then we stopped by Sports Authority because Tim needed some new warm up pants as the cold weather season approaches.  I couldn't help but get myself a gym bag since I've been carrying a tote bag for the last two years!  It even came with some weird Nike headbands.

  • Saturday Afternoon: Bikes!
We pumped up the tires on the bikes and took them out for a quick spin!
  • Saturday Later Afternoon: Snack and Attack!
I grabbed some edamame, and then shocked myself by being stupid with electricity.  After Tim yelled at me, we finished installing our tulip chandelier in the bedroom- more on that to follow later!
  • Saturday Night:  Separation!
Tim was out with the guys all night tonight so I decided to have a night in.  I stopped by Home Depot and the craft store and stocked up on a few crafts to keep me busy!

Not to let out too many spoilers about upcoming posts, but I spend the night painting ceilings, painting frames, painting cabinets and jars, and barely even touching my new project supplies!
  • Sunday Morning: Groggy
Tim went to an early morning soccer game even though he was sick, and I went back to bed for a few hours.

  • Sunday Afternoon: IMAX

We went to the Pacific Science Center to use some of the free IMAX passes we get with our membership.  We saw Born to be Wild, and I spent half the show crying (It was super adorable!).
Then, we stumbled upon the Italian Heritage Festival in the Seattle Center, so we hung out there for a bit!

This Italian blood orange juice was amaaaaazing guys.  I went out and got some of it afterward, and already drank half the carton!

  • Sunday Evening: $3 Theater

Next, we went to go watch One Day at our favorite movie theater, which is a second run theater and only costs $3 and it probably infested with flees.  We love it!  I spent the last 20 minutes of the movie sobbing.  Damn hormones!  It was a cute movie, even though it only has mediocre reviews.

  • Sunday Night: Cozy!

Tim and I are doing some face masks, having a glass of wine, and watching Entourage right now!  His is a hydrating mask, and mine is a clay one!

I'm excited to read about everyone else's days now!


  1. Can we just talk about how amazing Tim is for being willing to take a photo with a face mask on knowing you'll put it up on the internet so everybody could see? AWESOME.

  2. Haha! I wont lie, it took some coaxing! Too bad you can't even see his!

  3. I love the photo bullet points! I wish I'd thought to do that...I could've taken a picture of the sad, tiny Missoni rack at Target that only had three pairs of socks and some little girl cardigans left on it.


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