Wednesday, September 14, 2011

15 Day Challenge Link-Up: Day 1

Hey everyone!  I've linked up with Sar's 15 Day Challenge over on [life of love] and today we've got Day 1!

Day 1: Discuss your current relationship.

Well, seeming as I love to to blabber on Tim and myself, I think everyone knows by now that I'm in a relationship!  For....2364 days.  Yup, I just counted (I didn't forget leap years!).  We've been married for 795 of those days (hmmm maybe I better plan a 800 day anniversary date?).

Prior to contrary belief, I hate mushing on our relationship; it makes me blush too much ;), but how about some random trivia and facts about the two of us?

We love Giuliani and Bill.  Like seriously love them.  They remind us of them, to the point that we actually call each other Rancic and DePandi.

Our first adventure together ever was driving up to Port Townsand for a day trip, complete with a stop at the 50's diner I loved growing up.

Tim gets along with my granny like they're old friends.  Seriously, I kept walking into a room and the two of them would be giggling the first time they met.  It was adorable!

We both get sooooo grumpy when we're apart.  Call it too much dependability, call it whatever you want, but spending too much time not alone or too much time not together makes each of us out of out minds grumpy!

Tim does most of the housekeeping

....but I do 99% of the planning, cooking, and "busy work" like any random paperwork, etc.
We're dying for a dog, but I'm freaking allergic as heck!  Grrrr!

We went to Mt St Helen's three times the first year we were dating.  We also went to three laser shows.

We eat Thai food at least twice a week, more if we can help it
We go to as many concerts, plays, games, shows, etc, that we can afford

Anyway, I'll see you all back for Day 2 of the challenge!  Just for fun lets take a look at Tim and I six years ago and us this summer:


  1. Gosh, I love you two together. SO CUTE! Also, clearly your silliness hasn't diminished over the years! :)

  2. Your count-down of days you've been together is histarical. Nice to meet your blog!

  3. Thanks Katie!! Thanks for reading :)

  4. You two are adorable!!!


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