Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Update

After an awesome afternoon of skydiving, Tim conquered another challenge: he installed a garbage disposal all by himself, and insisted we go out for Mexican food to celebrate his two big victories...and here's the video that ensued after:

The rest of the weekend was nice and restful, full of food, friends and an exciting Sounder's game.  We got to do things we rarely have time for- like actually hit the Ballard Farmer's Market (our fav!).  We normally get a produce delivery, but decided to grab some cash and my favorite portable tote bag and spend the morning at the market!  We brought home quite the haul- chard, yellow green beans, basil, necterines, blueberries, strawberries, sweet onions, green onion, green pepper, can tons of carrots with tops for the bunnies!

We grabbed some hotdogs/veggie dogs from Dante's Inferno and then some of our favorite cake from Simple Desserts 

I normally never take photos at Sounder's games, but I wanted to try out my new Nikon D3000 from the wonderful Tim, and I'm very impressed!  As Tim says, it makes real life look more magical ;)

Tonight, I'm enjoying some dairy free cookie dough ice cream.

8/29 Playlist
  • Blind Melon- Skinned
  • Jay-Z- I'm a Hustler
  • Sea Wolf- Wicked Blood
  • Eric Clapton- Alberta
  • Huey Lewis and the News- It's Alright
  • The Beatles- Let it Be
  • Weezer- My Name is Jonas
  • James Taylor- Fire and Rain
  • Glee- Smile
  • The Beatles- Yer Blues
  • Blind Melon- Deserted
  • Kate Voegele- I Get It

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