Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Update

Mmm sometimes a simple Greek salad is a perfect end to a busy weekend!

Tim and I heard about this amazing nursery right around the corner from our house that has a cute eatery so we went to check it out on Saturday.  Let me tell you, this place is amazing!  The cafe is in a greenhouse type area so there are lots of tropical plants around and we felt like we were back in Costa Rica eating brunch on our honeymoon (minus the free gourmet meal and the view of the ocean from our cliff side setting!  (PS maybe I miss Costa Rica a little bit)).  There was even a pond full of fish watching us eat :)  I had the most amazing strawberry oatmeal with soy milk and Tim had some scrambly thing that looked good as well.  We'll be coming back here again!

 The rest of the place was filled to the brim with plants.  We were on a mission to find a plant that could survive in little to no light in our bedroom because the walls are dark brown and the "curtains" barely open enough to reach light all the way across the room to the tiny square foot of space we have reserved for a plant.  So, we needed something that would work in the "shade" but still help purify the air where we spent 1/3 of our lives. 

But first, look at all the fun plants:

So what did we end up with?  Two succulents (can't help myself) and a shade loving plant. 

I put one of the succulents on our Buddha to replace the white candle (which we didn't burn any way because it's not soy!
Here's the new shade loving plant hanging out in our bedroom:
And last but certainly not least because it is my favorite, here's our crazy new succulent grabbing all the attention on our dining table!  I'm almost wanting to bring this one to work so that I can enjoy it all day long...maybe I should buy a second...

In other news, besides hanging out with friends on Friday and Saturday, we went and watched the Blue Angels perform from I90 on Mercer Island- good view and it's fun standing on the closed highway!!  And, I just learned that the emissions from the jets are eco friendly- how, I don't know, this is just what my mom said that the news reported last night, so I don't have any specifics!  But eco friendly jets are a plus, especially since I spent the whole show worrying too much about the effects of the environment to enjoy it!

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