Thursday, August 18, 2011

Green Gossip

Remember the plants we bought a few weekends ago? Well mine has sprouted the beginnings to a flower!
Yup, that's our shade living plant's managed to stay alive for two weeks and even flourish!  That's a big surprise to me since I turned out to be the only person who can kill the simplest plant ever:
But more about that later, and back to our latest purchases.

Our new greenery came in ugly pots that didn't match our condo decor AT ALL.  And being too lazy and cheep to go buy new pots and repot them, I decided to just use some extra paint we had lying around and try painting the disposable pots they came in. 

I used some mason jar lids and an old pizza box to prop the pots up so I could reach all the angles while painting.
One coat done!  I used Glidden's Gentle Tide on the top plants that reside in our living, to tie in to the kitchen and hallway, which are painted the same color and attached to the living room.  I thought the pale blue gray color would play off nicely against the bursts of teal and berry blue I have all over our living room, and look nice against the gray walls.  I painted the last plant a sort of medium hued taupe color, because it would be living (like actually living- get it?) in our chocolate colored bedroom, and sitting next to a bunch of white, cream, and clear color accents.  The taupe is actually a lighter shade of the lighter brown in the stripes on the wall. 
There they are, all shiny and happy and color coordinated!  I'm super happy that I finally seem to have found a plant that won't die in our bedroom.  Every little bit of air quality control helps!  I'd still love to add a big floor plant in there and possible an air purifier but I just don't know where to put it!  I think I may have room to add a big floor plant when I finally start making my hanging full length mirror jewelry holder (ooh enticing details to follow one day!) which will clear up enough floor space.  And I could really stick an air purifier anywhere.  More details to follow soon about my work to detoxify our house, specifically our bedroom. 

Anyway, back to my terrarium that I unintentionally murdered,  I was on a succulent kick awhile back and used an old vase we had lying around to make a little terrarium for our bedroom (I'm almost embarrassed to say this, but I was making it to replace a plant I bought for our bedroom that I immediately almost killed because I forgot to water it for two months and it literally never saw the light of day.  Don't worry, I revived it by placing it in the sun and giving it some di-hydrogen oxide ;).  

So, I made this little terrarium by following a couple different directions I found online.  Pile some rocks on the bottom on the container for drainage, throw in some soil, and then throw in your succulents, moss, etc. 
But look what happened....
Opps!  Turns out these plants that thrive in the desert aren't really suited to be locked in my light-less bedroom...and I definitely over watered this by a gallon.  Succulents don't need water that often!!
So, I tried to revive it with some new plants and moss my co worker gave me.   I removed the little pieces that were beyond repair, but kept the shrunken succulent in the hopes that it would come back to life.  I added the new plants, and then "landscaped" the soil with some moss.
I threw this one on the deck this time, with the hopes that it would come back to life and be super cute...but that was a few weeks ago and I've yet to see a change.  But all the new additions seem to be doing fine so far.  I'll let you know if there's any new updates!

Oh, by the way, check out my new hair cut:
I chopped it all off!  Tim obviously really enjoys it as well:
Hello bunnies!!
See the hate in their eyes?


  1. That top plant is really pretty! The plant looks good sitting on the buddah! Hi bunnies!


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