Monday, August 1, 2011

Pinterest: A Love Letter

Oh Pinterest....I can not express how much I love you in words.  But I can try.  A life long magazine picture tear-er out-er, I've amassed piles of magazines and boxes filled with rip outs that I like to collage into inspirational folders (for decoration, for travel, for things I want to try, for fashion, etc).  Now that I've moved onto subscribing to my magazines via IPad, I was literally terrified of not being able to collect the articles and pictures that I wanted to save.  But alas, thanks to a great tip off from Young House Love, I've discovered Pinterest.  And oh my gosh is it amazing.  I can "pin" anything I was, from making a wish list to just collecting photographs and quotes I find inspirational.  I can divy up my "boards" just like I separated my albums of tear outs, but I can rearrange pins and create new boards in seconds.  

And best of all, I have unlimited sources of inspiration!  There are literally millions of DIY how-to's and ideas floating around to browse.  My favorite way to kill five minutes is to scroll through Pinterest and discover new ideas that I can personalize.  With the millions of pinners like myself, there's always news pins floating around and a never ending pile of images to gaze at.  I'm officially in love with Pinterest

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