Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paint Mockups/Planning

I have a confession to make.  I'm a serial paint-est.  Yes, I'm still stuck on the technology  I learned at around 6 years old to create decoration mock ups and convince Tim to design a room in a certain way.  I'm no stranger to technology or anything, I love getting new gadgets that actually fulfill a need I didn't know I had, but when it comes to things that just work, I hate changing.  Just ask Tim as he's been trying to switch me over to using Picassa to organize our photos instead of my insane picture organizational method (don't mess with me!)

So, every time I have a crazy new idea I want to work with, I run to Paint and start working on my latest masterpieces.  Here's a couple old mock ups I found still hiding out on our computer (I delete most of them after I'm through with them for some reason; I should definitely start saving them for the laugh!).

First up is a real old goodie.  I made this about two years ago, shortly after we first moved into our condo.  I was trying to convince Tim that a navy and white color scheme was the way to go (and hey a bright punch of pink never hurt anyone!).  You can see by all the old furniture we don't have anymore and the fact that our game room looks nothing like this that I did not convince him with this one (thank goodness!).  However, I did eventually use this exact inspiration in our bathrooms that is still there to this day (but not tonight ;)!).  We found that toning down the pink wall to just a pink flower in a photo in my bathroom was a much better idea, but the bright electric blue totally worked for us.  It helped when I showed Tim how awesome Carrie Bradshaw's apartment makeover looked in the Sex and the City movie, and we found out the exact paint color. 
Next we have something that actually worked, again for the game room (It took us about three major makeovers before we landed on a .   In this picture below, I was trying to illustrate how the game room would look with greige walls, faux wainscoting, and the new bookshelf and TV stand we had recently purchased.  I also threw in my best representation of Audrey Hepburn, because Tim and I were both itching to get some more pictures of the awesome lady in our place.
Finally, here is what i whipped up for our living room makeover.  You can see that my Paint skills have been slowly improving overtime with this illustration; I've even demonstrated the "sky" outside the windows and tried to draw up some of our knick knacks.  The wall color in this photo is a lot closer to what I was going for, but I ended up with a much grayer shade of paint.  I'm satisfied with the end result though! I was just completely in love with how I representative the entry hall here, with purple stripes running along the bottom on the wall.  It felt so very Parisian to me, but in real life I felt that an all gray wall suited us better. 
I've brought up these drawings because now that I have the main components of all the rooms complete, I've moved on to using real photographs to tweak.  Below, I took our living room and drew over our existing coffee table to show what it would look like with a green rug and two ottomans.  See how I even drew an ottoman under the tray I had sitting on the coffee table?  Do I get extra points for that?
Lastly, I have a couple photos to demonstrate how we've been deciding on what to hang on our living room walls.  As mentioned here, we've been wanting to bring in more mirrors into our place to visually expand our tiny square footage.  While we were contemplating whether to buy this particular mirror, I snapped a photo of the area, then pulled the picture from the website and layered it on.  We were planning on painting it white, but liked the black so much we're keeping it as such.  Well, for now at least.

I also wanted to play around with how a wall of frames might look on our little nook wall.  I made a couple different versions, and then I even put up some placeholders in real life to see how it would look.  See how similar they turned out?

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