Thursday, August 25, 2011

Organization Part One: Purge!

Oh boy have Tim and I been on an organizational/junk purging binge lately!  You know how you always hear how serene life is without all that junky clutter all over?  Well it's definintely true, and we've experienced glimpses of it in our home.  We've both got a little bit of pack rat in us even though we hate living with tons of clutter- especially since we've been living in tiny apartments for years!  But we just couldn't seem to ever let go of many material items we never used, looked at, or really wanted.  This started to become a problem when we moved into our condo and started to throw all our junk into our second bedroom aka game room.  Just for fun, lets flash back to what it looked like when we first moved in:
OK, apparently I don't actually have a picture of it after we fully unpacked, but we needed to get this crap under control.  See that bookshelf to the left there?  Well we had another one in the closet that was half full of books and half full of other random crap.  And guess what?  That's pretty scaled down to what we owned just a year prior to that- we had SIX bookshelves in our last apartment.  Yes, SIX!  All mostly full of books! 

We love books, what can I say?  But as much as we love books and love having these awesome old editions laying around, neither one of us wanted to live surrounded by all that clutter anymore.  So we did some real hard hitting soul searching and decided to bless our parents with the task of storing most of our books until the one day in the future when we live in a giant lake house and have room for a dedicated library.  Thanks moms!  So, every time we went home we stealthily snuck a pile of books in and threw them in our closets, on shelves, whereever.  And here's what we're left with today:

Pile of books to be read or to be re-read before sent to mom's
But that's just part of the problem.  We still had our closet that was packed to the BRIM with all sorts of junk.  Camping gear, outdoors gear, mementos, video game equipment (ey yi yi), Christmas decorations (we both made a pact a long time ago that we only have room for one holiday's decorations and nothing else!), craft supplies, etc and more etc!  I wish I had a picture of the disaster that was in there, but I always did my best to avoid that room!  And isn't that just the exact opposite reaction you should have to all these things that were so important to keep in the first place?  So they must not be that important, huh!  So Tim and I decided to really attack the closet one day and got rid of a ton of things- all my craft supplies, anything that we needed to give back to friends or family, scaled down all of our camping and outdoors equipment to what we really need, donated the extra bookshelf, pared down even more books....and then we ran to Target and grabbed a few storage bins to coral everything together.

We LOVE it!  It's still far from what we want in there- I wish there was a way to massively minimize the rock band pieces, and there are still some random items we want to organize.  But it's all so much nicer and easier to find things.  We definitely want to get some more bins and finish this job up one day, but here is how we've got it organized right now:
Bin 1- Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking supplies (topped with a tent, backpacking pack, stove, and sleeping bags- the stove and tent will eventually be upgraded to backpacking items that will be smaller and easier to store)
Bin 2- Christmas Decorations
Bin 3- Random- a few craft supplies, rock climbing gear, board games, a few other odds and ends.   
Bin 4- Mementos from the last 6  years.  I have a couple boxes full of memories at my parent's house as well
Tomorrow, I'm going to expand on what I really wanted to write about- our latest quest to organize our party, bar, decorative, and dinner party supply items. 

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