Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mirrors, Lighting, and Atmospheres, oh my!

Everyone knows that a well placed mirror is the best way to visually expand a room without doing any construction.  And everyone knows how important lighting is for any situation, weather it be taking pictures or creating a specific atmosphere in your living room.

But I never really saw how much you can change the tone of your room with a few well places lights and mirrors until last night.  I received a Lowe's gift card in the mail and immediately ran out to buy this gorgeous mirror I've had my eye on for awhile.  Seriously, the second i put it up, it was love at first sight.  I just propped it on one of the leftover hooks from where the frame was hanging before, and even though it's off centered and crooked, it looks amazing!  I placed it directly across from our sliding glass door so it has a giant area to reflect.  I also moved a mirror we had else in the house next to the TV so that we have two mirrors in very close proximity.  But true to it's function, the area where the mirror used to be now feels all closed off and claustrophobic.  So I plan to get another mirror that has a frame and hang that next to the TV and move the original mirror back to it's place.

As for lighting, our living room has one ceiling light fixture that is centered on only one side of the room.  Of course we can plug in lamps and such, but that doesn't compete with a true ceiling light.  We have plans to install a second light on that side of the room, as soon as Tim's dad can come take a look at it (yay for having an electrician in the family!).  As far now, have a standing lamp that I don't like placed on the light-less side of the room, so last night I decided to whack it up and ended up with this scenario:

I duct tapped the light to the ceiling and WOW!  The room is so much brighter and classier looking.  I'm in love!  We will definitely be looking for a more long term solution, but for now, I think we will just pretty that light up and keep it hanging on this half of the room. 
We had one more lighting related project as well.  I've been dying to install some string lights on our deck but don't have an outlet.  So for $1.99, we purchased a light socket converter so that we could plug a plug into the socket (say that three times fast).

Then I just plugged in some Christmas lights and look at the wonderfully cozy and romantic lights I got to see all night while the sun set:
Isn't that just so cozy?  I'm always noticing on TV shows that there's always some pretty lights right outside the windows around the characters and it always makes such wonderful lighting and atmosphere, so I just had to do.  I'm working on a homemade light fixture type project with these lights, so stay tuned!

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