Monday, August 29, 2011

The Middle: Not Just a Funny Show

Has anyone besides my mom and I watched The Middle?  It's hilarious!  Tim and I rarely watch things in "real time" on TV, and it's not anywhere online, so we rarely get to watch it.  But it's freaking hilarious.
Update:  I just realized that DUH, I can watch episodes on ABC.  Seriously, if it's not on Hulu or MTV, I don't even realize it's online...which is weird because we always run to CBS if we miss How I Met Your Mother (which they post instantly, so we can still watch it the same night!). 

But anyways, this post has absolutely nothing to do with The Middle, or TV.  It's actually about painting, something I never ever do.  Just kidding!  I'm painting constantly, and this time, I was on a mission to unify our home- create a nice flow between rooms.

Before the big switch, our condo's color palette looked like this:
While I just loved the teal hallway and yellow kitchen, I wanted things to flow better, and I wanted our condo to have a basic color palette that could work from room to room.  All of our accessorizes were already in that color palette that I loved- blues, greens, with the occasional pop of deep plum and yellow.  So why not make the walls a color that really made them all pop, just like what I did with the greige in the living room.
Because I was so in love with the yellow kitchen, but didn't want a yellow hallway and bathroom,  I immediately started looking at the only other color I always loved with white cabinets in a kitchen- light blue/gray.  So that's where we went while looking for a color that would work in all 3-4 spaces.
Gentle Tide by Glidden won!  We color matched it to Olympic No-VOC paint in satin, and I started in with painting the hallway and kitchen.  Well...after two coats in the hallway, I realized that the paint didn't quite match the swatch we had purchased already.  It might be hard to make out online, but it was very obvious in person- see how much lighter the middle of the wall is compared to the outside?  We wanted the lighter, more silvery color.
It's a lot easier to see the difference without the light from outside reflecting off of it:
So, after a few days of grumbling to myself about how much work it was to paint the hallway edges twice, I finally decided to go back to the store and ask them to make it lighter for me.  It was definitely lighter, but still not quite what I wanted.  But I just decided to stick to it because I still liked the new color and it was definitely pretty close to Gentle Tide. 

So after weeks of slowly painting patches and patches, I finally finished painting the kitchen, hallway, and both bathrooms.  Whew!

Here's our home's new color palette after the big switch.  Looks a lot more serene, doesn't it?
Speaking of TV...I realized that my paint tools look an awful lot like Dexter's kill tools:

Kinda creepy huh?


  1. Shauna, your place is beautiful! You've done an absolutely wonderful job turning a house into a home! <3 -Sarah


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