Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lemme Lemme Upgrade Ya

"You don't realize how much time you waste screwing until you get a power drill" 

That was the quote of the week at la maison Kroeger/Gihring (that's right, my name first!), and yeah, we happened to be in our bedroom when Tim proclaimed it, which makes it even more funny.  But we've been making quite a few changes in our condo recently, specifically in our bedroom.  No, no, I'm talking about some eco friendly upgrades we've made in our quest for better air quality. 
This is what I like to call the "lived-in look"
For my birthday, I received some organic cotton sheets and was just over the moon about them!  I guess that's how you know you're getting old, huh?  I was ecstatic about all the home improvement items I was gifted, particularly with the garbage disposal I'm anxiously awaiting for installation by my dad!  But back to the sheets, which happen to be bright bright white, just like I like!  They aren't fireproof chemical free, but I've had a hard time finding sheets that are chemical free and also affordable.  So for now, the Target Home Organic Sheets are awesome!  They are nice and crisp, super comfortable, and it's awesome to fall asleep knowing that no other pesky chemicals were sprayed in our sheets. 

Another awesome birthday present:
Curtains!  We've been in a dire need of these babies, as here's proof:
We've been going around with a blanket thumb tacked over our window for months now as we searched for the perfect curtains.  I need complete darkness when I sleep, so during these summer months, I had to have a little extra protection from those pesky bright rays when I attempted to sleep past 6:00 AM on the weekends.  

We thought about getting some patterned curtains to add some interest to the room, but since the main reason we needed curtains was for functionality and not for decorative interest, we wanted some heavy duty material that would really block out the sun.  Well, two months later, we still hadn't found any curtains that looked nice enough for us to purchase until we hit up World Market and found some chocolate covered velvet curtains. 

But still, I wasn't sold on them yet.  I wanted something all natural, and organic if possible.  So back to google I went, searching for something that met my needs.  But, all I could find was one website that had no prices listed and appeared to only have super light fabrics in their selection.  I also was having trouble figuring out if velvet was a manmade material or a natural one.  But alas, one day when I went to look at the World Market curtains online, I noticed that it said 100% cotton

Score!  But what?  So after some more googling, I learned that velvet isn't actually a type of material, but rather a technique of how a material is woven.  Who knew?  And while most cheaper velvets are made from polyester- yuck, synthetic material!- these particular panels were 100% natural material.  They aren't organic, but since I'm not going to be laying on them, I knew we'd have to pick our battles here. 

But now, here we are almost three months later, with pretty new curtains!  We also used anchors in the wall for the first time ever (yeah, don't lean or pull on any of the many shelves we have hanging up), which are amazing.  I mean, these things really make curtains fit securely in the wall, who knew?  We can actually tug at the panels and the whole thing doesn't come crashing down!  Ahh, the magic of power tools.  Tim's been on a power drill frenzy this week, as we've been tending to a number of projects I'll be blogging about soon!
Back to the curtains, they work great.  They're dark enough to use at night without lowering the blinds, but let just enough light in in the morning to make waking up a little easier.  On the weekends, we can just lower the blinds so we can sleep in.  Unfortunately, the blinds do block the white frame we have on the right side of the blinds, because we installed the rod pretty far to the right so we can clear the heating vent.  I will probably either switch the frames on either side, or make another initial monogram for the right side...or just go without art on the right.  We'll see what tickles my fancy.  Another idea that I've been toying with is adding a second layer of curtain, just to add a little detail interest underneath the velvet panels, or to maybe add some bamboo blinds on top of the blinds we already have.  I love that the chocolate curtains blend into the walls so well, but a little extra interest never killed anyone, right?

So there you have it, a few more steps to an eco friendly and non toxic room.  We've added a plant, upgraded our sheets, and brought in some curtains made out of natural material.  Hopefully, we'll have more eco updates to blog about soon!

And since everyone must love seeing my cute bunnies, here's some adorable shots I took of Bailey and Tim last week:

 And look how pretty the early morning light dancing off of our mirrored vase was recently:

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