Friday, August 12, 2011

DIY Reed Diffuser

Here's a quick and simple way to add a little swank to your home for absolutely nothing- yup, $0!  Okay, it's only free if you already happened to have the stuff in your house like I did, but it's still incredibly cheap!  All I used were some bamboo skewer sticks that we've had in our kitchen drawer for forever, some Mrs Meyer's basil dish soap, and an old skinny vase I had lying around.  Pour some of the dish soap in the bottom, stick in the sticks, and voila!  An all natural and pretty reed diffuser! 
I should probably mention that Mrs Meyer's All Purpose Cleaner works a heck of a lot better for this- the dish soap was just all I had lying around when I made this, but it's a little thick for this particular project!  Still works though, just not as well!  I also wouldn't mind having a shorter vase as well, but hey, that's the only extra one I had lying around- maybe a trip to IKEA is in order in the near future?

PS- have you ever smelled the basil line of Mrs Meyer's cleaning products?  Ahhhhhhmazing!


  1. OK...I can't the idea of using a cleaner sounds odd..I'm guessing it smells good because basil is a spice? Coincidentally it's also an herb supposedly used to induce labor..hasn't worked yet..

    Still...too inventive! That sounds so could totally put party lites out of business (my mom swears by their reed diffusers)

  2. Oh yeah basil smells sooooooo yummy. I love it because it smells like nature but it's also sort of sweet too. Very awesome!!


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