Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dirty Floor & Door

Tim and I have a dirty little secret:
Our front door's weather strip is disgustingly filthy and so is the carpet it caresses.  This picture doesn't even do it justice, it was taken weeks ago and it's only gotten worse. It's been a problem since we moved in two years ago- we don't know how it got like that, is our carpet full of disgusting dirt that gets attracted to the weather strip and then painted back all over the carpet?  We managed to get the dirt up very easily when we steam cleaned it about six months ago, but within days, it looked like that again!  Since, it's just gotten darker and darker until practically black.  So, we decided to finally take charge and get er done.

First things first, we had to replace our old weather strip.  Here's where we hit our first problem.  Tim ran out to Home Depot, but apparently our weather strip is super old or super weird, because there were none in store that matched what we had.  They all attached to the door in a different manner than ours.  So instead, we decided to just clean the heck out of the one we have.  To do so, we got to have some fun and take our door down (am I the only one that thinks that sounds like fun?)!
After a potentially horrible experience when our neighbor's husky ran into our place while the bunnies were hopping around and I had an open gallon of paint sitting right smack in the middle of the room, we had that sucker clean as a whistle. Then we broke out the steam cleaner and set off to lift out the dirt. 
First attempt done, but we needed to attack the edge...

Look at that filthy filthy filthy water!  Gross!! 
The floor was still not quite clean enough, so we made another pass at it with the steam machine:
Once it dried, it was good as new!  It still looks like it has little patches of dirty carpet still, but in person it's much better!  Now I'm just counting down the days until it gets replaced with some nice gray carpet instead of beige...

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