Monday, August 1, 2011

Composting: Green Living, Cont.

I'm very excited to write about our latest project:  Tim and I made a compost bin for our deck! We followed these directions almost identically. 

We started by taking an extra storage bin we already had on our deck and drilled about eight holes in both the top and bottom.  The container is green by the way, how fitting is that?

Then we filled it about 1/4 of the way full of shredded newspaper and dried leaves.  Crazy, we had enough newspaper from just one delivery of junk mail!  Funny how much mess a couple sheets of newspaper can make, huh? 

To steer a little off topic (but so close to on topic), we finally tried some of those biodegradable trash bags!  They're perfect for our kitchen trash can, which is way too small for the gigantic bags they sell most places!  And they detiriorate in only 3-6 months, as opposed to regular bags that take hundreds of years and never fully decompose.  And hey, if we ever get sick of them, we can just throw them in our new shiny compost, huh! :)

Back to our bin though, after we collected a layer of newspaper, we then book our box to a close empty and vacant lot near our house and shoveled enough dirt to fill it halfway up.  I don't think we got quite enough dirt though, and don't be surprised if you see my digging up at that lot again soon.  
After the dirt is in, you're practically done!  Just add some food scraps and stir it all up to cover up the food.  Then spray it lightly with lukewarm water so that it all gets just a little moist.   If it starts to smell, it's usually because of over watering, so watch out for that!
Now I'll have to think of a crafty and pretty way to post of list of compostable items for quick reference!  It's surprising what is acceptable- we can put bunny hair in there!

All in all, the compost was incredibly easy to do, and I'm stoked to put it to work!  Yup, I'm a giant nerd, but composts are so amazing!  Now we can cut our waste down significantly (I hope).  I'm curious to see how our waste consumption plays out in the future.  We just made the bin last Monday night, so we have awhile to see how it works!

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  1. Thank you so much for passing this link along to me! I have bookmarked this :) We're in the process of moving to our first house and I am definitely going to compost! I would love to cut down on our waste.


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