Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bathroom Remodel Part One: Painting & Planning

My recent post about painting the middle of our house- the kitchen, hallway, and bathrooms- was actually a set up for our next big project: a bathroom overhaul.  We're talking new floors, doors, vanities and mirrors my friend.

We've been dragging our heels on this update for awhile now because

A. We were afraid, and
B. We were saving our money.

But now that we got a big trip to Europe out of the way, we've decided to forgo the long weekend at the beach we had planned this fall and instead save up to redo the bathroom.  After reading some awesomely clear directions on a bathroom we really found inspiring, Tim decided that it sounded simple enough for us to do!

So what all do we have in store for the major rehaul?
  • Paint the walls a serene blue
  • Search and find the perfect vanity- most likely a dresser and possibly a nightstand for the half bath
  • Install peel and stick tiles to the floor and kitchen- holding out on this step until we find the vanities
  • Install a shower door (finally!)
  • Replace the tile in the shower with white subway tile
  • Install new vanities and new sinks :)
  • Install new lighting
  • Frame existing mirrors or possible buy new ones
  • Add energy efficient touches: low flow shower head, and a dual flush on the toilet. 
 Well, nothing too major, this is more of a "face lift" than the grand redesign that we really have pictured in our heads and will never do- it involves merging the two bathrooms into one and we don't want to have to lose value on losing a half bath.  But all these updates we have planned should make for a totally new look!

The look we're going for is a sophisticated, classy, and warm, like this mood board we found on YHL:

They ended up going a slightly different route with theirs but we're planning on sticking fairly close to the  mood board above.   We've been hemming and hawing over these tile choices below.  Gray or chocolate?  

After careful evaluation of each color for months, we've decided the gray looks a lot better with our kitchen and bathroom.  Neither really matches our carpet right now, but we plan to replace it with a grayer color in the next few months.  

So there you have it!  Our plans for a bathroom face lift- and I'm very excited to get started!  A lot of it is going to be very challenging, like replacing the shower tile, and some of it should be easy, like laying out the peel and stick vinyl tile.  It will all be new projects that I've never tried, so that is the most exciting part!  Anyone else have any big plans in the months ahead?

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  1. wow, you guys are ambitious! I bet it's going to look awesome



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