Friday, July 22, 2011

Simply Green

Living green is such a fabulous thing you can do, not only for Mother Earth, but for yourself as well.  It's very important that I have a healthy home-  I've had severe asthma my entire life, and after a bout of increased systems when I was having trouble controlling the attacks a few months ago, I've decided to really step up the conquest to purify my home.  I've recently read that the average American household is four to ten times more polluted than the outside air, and that includes the air in cities.  Yikes!  No wonder everyone always feels so refreshed when they step outside into the fresh air!  These staggering statistics speak for themselves:

1 in 4 Northern American adults have allergies
1 in 14 Northern American adults have asthma
1 in 18 Northern American adults have chemical sensitivity. 

So the fact that we're just stuffed with toxic chemicals day in and day out is just not OK with me.  Not only do I want to create a home that is as toxic free as I can make it, I want to keep my carbon footprint at a minimum.  I don't want to be a contributor to pouring toxic chemicals down the sink and into the homes of furry otters and happy dolphins.  I don't want to see a seal laying dead and think, hey I helped!

Tim and I have been slowly greenifying ourselves for years now.  Besides doing the single best thing you can do to cut down on greenhouse gas emission, we've been using reusable tote bags at the grocery store and we drive a eco friendly Toyota Prius.  Some swaps are easy to make, like using no or low-VOC paint, switching to all natural cleaners, and using as much all natural beauty products as possible.  We even use compostable garbage bags. But I've decided to take it a step further.   

I plan to eliminate all the plastic in my house to cut down on the nasty off gassing effect.  I want to switch to new cookware that doesn't have chemically laced non stick surfaces; and to eventually replace our mattress with one made from all natural latex (we'll be saving our pennies for awhile for that one!) and our pillows with non flame retardant covers.  Another big project, cost wise, will be replacing our carpet.  We've been planning to eventually anyway, because our rabbits chewed a big hole the first week we moved in, and plus it's ugly and very shaggy (bad news for allergies).  I hope to find an eco friendly and all natural wool carpet that we like, perhaps at the eco version of Home Depot called Ecohaus (a branch of Green Depot) that's located in SoDo?

Speaking of plastic, I'm sure everyone and their brother has heard the dangers of BPA, but did you know that receipts carry a powdered form of BPA that's way easier to transport around?  The amount of BPA found in most plastics is "nanogram quantities" where as receipts have 60 to 100 milligrams worth.  That's way more dangerous BPA than what we've already deemed unsafe in our water bottles.

This is checklist that's going to help me keep on track with detoxifying our home:
Replace cookware with Greenware
Replace pillows with non flame retardant ones
Save up for an all natural mattress
Try making my own laundry and dish soap
Buy some microfiber cloths for cleaning and actually use them instead of paper towels
Replace all plastic Tupperware with glass
Replace carpet with all natural wool carpet
Install a water filter under the sink
Add more plants, especially in the bedroom
Buy an air purifier for the living room and bedroom
Throw away all unnaturally scented products in our home
Only buy organic cotton or bamboo (sustainable and renewable resource) towels and sheets in the future

There's always going to be more to add to that list, but I feel like this is a good starting point for Tim and I.  I can practically smell the fresh clean air already!


  1. Dan and I are slowly becoming more green as well. It's tough work because it does involve spending more money. We use all natural cleaning products and beauty stuff, absolutely nothing is tested on animals! And we recycle and buy organic as well as go to the farmers market. I'd love to someday grow most of my own food tho. The car thing is difficult. We have to drive more because of the baby and the heat. My hubbies car gets great mileage though so we take it more than my car.

  2. That's awesome Jeanna!! Every bit counts!


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