Monday, July 18, 2011

Painting the Trim

Some people may call me obsessive.  And they are 100% correct.  I almost never obsess about wiping down the counters but I do obsess about projects I want to do around the condo and trips I want to take.  But most of all, I obsess over colors!  It's a little weird, but I always want all the colors around me to be perfect- I don't like red and I actually will go out of my way to keep anything red out of my house, with the exception of the occasional garment.

So according, I've been obsessing over the off white trim color of our trim and doors.  I've always wanted to paint them, but being a new home owner, I wasn't sure if that was possible.  I know it sounds stupid, but I figured it would be a huge process that I wasn't willing to undertake (yes I'm talking about painting, and yes this is the girl who's painted every room in our condo at least twice).  

Because we recently installed crown molding, I finally had to motivation to paint all our trim bright glossy white.  See, while our crown molding seems like it's painted in those pictures, it's actually just primed and waiting for paint.  So we grabbed some off the shelf no-VOC semi-gloss white paint from Olympic, and got the work!  And by we, I mean me.  

Tim walked in from the porch to this scene:

"What are you doing?"

"Painting all our doors and trim white."

"Aren't they already white?"

"They're apartment white, I'm making them white white"

"Oh, OK"

The poor guy often comes in to find me tearing apart a closet or painting a random wall or something crazier.  I think he's a lot more comfortable with seeing me painting a door rather than ripping the doors off our closets or cutting through our carpet to see what our floors are made of (In my defense, the bunnies had already chewed a hole in the carpet, I was just digging through the backing!).  

Back to the trim, it's amazing what a coat of paint can do!  The bright white glossy trim is sooooo preeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttty!  I am in love :)  

Extra paint I needed to paint over

Painting bliss

Note in the above and below pictures the differences in whites.  See how the new white really sets off the previous color?  The more yellowy hued white looks really mucky, doesn't it?
I don't have picture yet of the rest of the molding I painted, just this first batch here.  I'll be sure to post more when I finish!

You can see here how the bright white looks so much more fresh and crisp- see how in the top picture it reflects the light blue so much more than the ugly off white in the bottom picture?

There's still two more room's worth of trim and doors to finish,  but I ran out of paint!  I can't wait to finish and see the stunning white against the chocolate brown walls in our bedroom.  Swoon!

Side note, I've read a great tip when it comes to saving your paint can.  Use a hammer and nail to make a couple holes around the rim of the can, and then excess paint will drain back into the can, both making it easier to close, and preserving more paint!  

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