Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ode to Tim

I can't believe it's already been two years since my wedding!  Two years!  Which means that we've been dating for almost six and a half years...six and a half years!!  The longest I ever dated someone before Tim was for four months  (of course, I was 17 when we met so that might have helped).  It's crazy how fast the time flies.  Before you know it we're going to be 80 and sitting on the porch of our beachfront triple townhouse that we share with Lindsey and Malena and whoever else passes the front porch test, drinking our lemonade and playing scrabble.  

In honor of our anniversary, we accidentally created some traditions by mimicking almost everything we did last year to celebrate.  We went wine tasting, grabbed some cupcakes from Cupcake Royal, and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's.  We didn't even realize we were doing the same thing as last year!  I guess that goes to show that traditions are made from truly doing things you love!

Here we are last year on 7/11:

And here we are this year, sampling wine at Chateau St Michelle winery:

After I got a humongous bouquet delivered to me at work (which left me wondering how much Tim spent to possibly send a bouquet this big- seriously, it was bigger than my head and taller than me sitting at my desk) which I spilled all over my desk as soon as I set them down,

I came home to find the condo flooded with flowers and this cute little dress set up with some matching purple flowers on each side:

Turns out, Tim took the day off work to go to Pike's Place Market and apparently buy them out!  Now our condo is going to smell like a fresh bouquet for weeks!! Yum!!  He cooked me a yummy stir fry dinner, that you can kind of see in the background above.  We also cracked open the bottle of Syrah that we bought during out six year anniversary trip to Lake Chelan and have been saving ever since.  It was yuuuumy!!!

I generally hate listening to people talk about how great their significant others are, because I feel if you're truly happy, then you don't feel the need to constantly talk about it.  It seems like those who need to list all the ways their guy or girl are great or the things they do that are so great are really just trying to justify their relationship or talk themselves up for their own benefit.  I rarely talk about mine and Tim's relationship because to be corny, he's my best friend in the world and we talk about everything, and I mean everything!  We have so much fun and spend so much time laughing that there's not much time left over for over analysis of our relationship.  Little people know this, but Tim and I actually talked about getting married the first week we started dating.  I knew he was the one almost instantly, and it makes an emotionally embarrassed girl like myself blush, but it's true.

Our honeymoon in Costa Rica
All my rambling aside, I'm just very happy to share my life with someone who's perfect for me!  He's not perfect, and neither am I, but we're perfect for each other!  I sometimes just want to shake people and scream at them to not  waste their time with someone who doesn't make them happy!  Life is so short, why spend it trapped in a stressful, soul sucking world, when you can just be free and find happiness on your own?  But seeing as I haven't been single since I was 17, who am I to judge?  As long as you're truly happy and comfortable with yourself, that's all that matters!

Back to Tim though,  we'll see if he really reads my blog or if he just looks when I tell him I posted something in particular ;)

I love the way you shout "Yah!" anytime I suggest, well anything!  I love how you open doors for me still.  I love that when you go grocery shopping alone, you always come home with a pile of surprises for me.  I love that you always choose to spend any bonuses or extra cash you receive on presents for me instead of buying something for yourself.  I love that you understand the ridiculous level of sarcasm I use.  I love that you kiss me when you wake up in the morning (I pretend to be asleep but I'm not!).  I love the way you squint at the TV.  I love the way you laugh so hard that you shake your whole body when you hear something extra funny.  I love the way you wrestle with your friends.  I love the way you pick me up and wrestle with me in the sand.  I love the way you secretly love chick flicks (that might not be a secret!)  I love the way you dance with me like an idiot almost every day.  I love the way you look for things all over the apartment because I rearrange things so much that you never know where to find anything.  I love the way you talk to the bunnies in a baby voice.  I love the way you love sitting on our deck on sunny days.  I love the way you're up for anything, anytime.  I love the way you ask me to plan meals with tofu and tempeh.  I love the way you became so concerned about the happiness of cows.  I love the way you love penguins.  I love the way love pop music and that crappy punk music I hate.  I love the way you can't fold a t-shirt to save your life.  I love the way you talk to your old dog.  I love the way you worry when I drive alone in bad weather and get upset if I don't call when I get there (my mother, part two!).  I love the way you smile when you're trying not to laugh.  I love the way you squeeze my hand when people we're with do something weird and we can't make eye contact because we'll laugh or get caught.  I love the way you treat my friends like they're an extension of me, and go with them to check out Craigslist ads or accompany them to the museum when they have no one else to go with.  I love pretending that we're actually grown ups instead of a couple of kids playing house.  I love that you love learning about what mature adults do, like go wine tasting :)  I love that I can tell you anything.  I love that you got me a can of paint for Valentine's Day.  I love how safe I feel when I come home at night.  I love that you understand how I'd want you in the room.  I love that you're such a nerd.  I love that you want the same things in life as me (when are we getting that puppy?).  I love that you are friends with my Granny and call her cute.  I love the way you walked in the other day to me painting our door and didn't even blink an eye.  I love that you won't let me clean the toilet because "princesses don't clean bathrooms."  I love that you do and say so many gag worthily cute things.  Most of all, I love the way you love me as much as I love you!
Oh, but I do hate that annoying lip smacking sound you make when you eat something yummy, and I hate the way you put your keys and wallet NEXT to the key basket and not INSIDE of it!!  Hey, like I side, no one's perfect!

And here I am in my new dress!  Thanks honey!
For anyone who's wondering what I did for Tim for our anniversary, I got tickets to see his latest favorite band, Owl City, this Friday, and a guitar lesson, something he's been wanting to do for awhile!!  
PS: Here's one of the vases sitting on our new coffee table-less seating area set up (more about that to follow):

Shauna & Tim, rockin it since '05 (est. 2009)
"You & I 3/25/05" "Collide 7/11/09"


  1. I'm so happy for you, Shauna!! You and Tim are the rare, perfectly genuine "meant to be" couple that every girl early on thinks she'll one day be a part of but it so seldom works out that way!

  2. Thanks Kelli! I'm glad to hear you've found a great guy as well, I hope to meet him one day :)!

  3. Tim is wonderful, I think we will keep him!


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