Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Merch in the House!

Guess what I did!
I found a new rug for my living room that matches the $59 rug from World Market that I LOVE:
And here's the new one:
The new rug picks up the blue color of the old one and is the softest thing I've ever felt.  Its chenille, which isn't quite the jute material I was going for (jute is all natural and long lasting and much cheaper than wool)  but the green jute rug I had my eye on was $120, while this baby was...

....$19.99!  Can't beat that! 

Here's the before:

Maddie exploring...

The two rugs together
(There's actually about a foot and a half in between them; this is when I first laid them down)

What do you guys think?  I love the bold color next to the white couches.  And the best part is, the rug was so cheap that if we switch our seating around in the future, I can bring in a new one without feeling guilty!  

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