Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fireplace Molding

Here's a picture of our another recent upgrade in our living room- the addition of some molding surrounding the ugly fireplace.  Need I tell you how much I hate the color of the tile?  OK, I loathe it and am dying to change it.  However, the granite stone is set back too far in the wall to rip it off and it's not safe to re-tile straight over the existing stone because it will just fall right off if we can't screw the backing into the wall.  Trust me, we went to a tiling class and asked everyone we could find at Home Depot and Lowe's!
So after we repainted our living room from bright kelly green to medium greige, the fireplace was definitely not doing it for me.  Greige next to ugly beige?  Yuck.  To create a sort of boarder and to break up the colors a little bit, I set out to add a crisp white boarder around around the granite surround.  

The process was very simple.  I picked up two pieces of molding and two corner pieces from home depot, along with a can of glossy white spray paint (thinking back, I wish I had just hand painted it with no VOC paint instead of exposing myself to all those fumes) and set to work on measuring and cutting.  My dad gave me one of his old miter saws, which basically makes straight cuts at any angle.  I originally borrowed it to cut the crown molding we installed, but I warmed up with this easy project first.  It only took two cuts- one of the pieces of molding was exactly double the size of the fireplace's height so I just chopped that one in half and then cut the remaining molding the width along the top.  After I spray painted all the pieces and let them dry for 24 hours (again, I wish I had the patience to allow for at least 48 hours to really let the fumes go away) I used Liquid Nails and a hammer and nails to put them on the wall.  Easy peasy, and look how pretty:


The granite color is always going to bug me until I can think of a way to change it without making the room feel smaller, but hopefully by painting the rest of the trim in the room bright white and eventually having new carpet installed, maybe even new living room furniture along the way, the fireplace will dissapear a little more.

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  1. It is pretty! Your so crafty, and patient. I have no idea where to begin with decorating, I get so frustrated. I can't even watch HGTV anymore because I get too complacent about my current living situation, lol.


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