Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Adding the Missing Piece

A friend recently pointed out to me that our bathrooms are seriously lacking in the hand towel department.  I wasn't completely oblivious to this fact, but I just could never find a good spot to put a hook, especially since I started using the only towel rack in the spot to hold my necklaces while I build a full length mirror jewelry box.  The most obviously spot would be on the wall right next to the sink; alas, look how crowded it looks:

So that was not going to work.  However, I remembered a picture of a bathroom I saw once that  had a serious of hooks on the wall instead of one long towel rack, and I knew I wanted to replicate this look once I could find a place to store my jewelry.  So I found a couple old hooks I had hanging around (pun intended) that I picked up from Target for $2.50 three years ago and I painted them the same cream color that I painted the mirrors on the wall.

Voila!  Two hand towel hooks for F-R-E-E!

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