Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photo Gallery Makeover!

There's been so much going on during the last month I'd like to blog about- the last two weeks have been crazy, on top of Europe.  So I finally thought I might have five minutes to upload some pictures, and my laptop cord died so now I'm stuck waiting for a new one before I can share them with the world! 

Up my sleeve is an upcoming dinner party that Tim and I are throwing for our parents this weekend.  I've taken this opportunity to really tackle a bunch of those little home improvement projects that you never get around to, like cleaning out a bunch of junk piles, installing crown molding in our living room (more on that later), and getting new pictures printed for our gallery! 

You may remember that last year I re-did our entry hall and turned it into my personal gallery:

Well it still looks that like, except with new paint.  And since all those photos were taken within a few months of each other over a year ago, I'm finally getting around to printing a few new ones.  I waited until after Europe so that I would have a plethora of images to choose from, because I only have a couple good shots that I've taken within the last year that I like.  I was hoping I would have been able to get a couple good hikes in for more photo ops as well, but what are you gonna do?

The pictures have been a huge challenge since my laptop cord died.  My mom put them all on cd's for me so I can at least look at them other places but it's not like I have a ton of time on other computers in order to sort through 2000 photos and narrow them down to ten prints (and probably less because there are ones on the wall I'm not ready to part with).  I have to give props to my mom because she graciously uploaded all the photos I thought I might like to costco photo so that I could narrow them down even further.  And while I've gotten it down to around 30 prints, I have some work to do before tomorrow!   

More to come soon on both my big adventure oversees and the latest home improvement projects!

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