Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Wall Art

I thought I might share some of the latest artwork that I've pulled together around the condo.  I'm always on the prowl for a good little grouping of knickknacks or a cute frame arrangement, so here are some of my latest ones:

Peacock feathers in a floating frame.  I recently realized that all the colors I'm drawn to the most, green, teal, and purple, and particularly the shades I like most, are all very peacock-esque.  I realized this last time I was in LA and kept running into these gorgeous peacocks:
Hmm this reminds me, I forgot to print this for my gallery wall...
So since then, I've been having a little love affair with the feathers.  I ran accross two really awesome feathers at Joann Fabric's one day and stuck them in a vase, and then started looking for more.  For $3, I was able to get a pack of 10 giant feathers from Amazon and I put four of them in a floating frame, and the rest in a vase with my original feathers.  It's since been moved because this particular corner wasn't really light enough to enjoy the feathers most of the time.  So now it's been hung next to my tv.

Another piece I framed was from a magazine.  I found an article that started with the letter "T"  (as in Tim!) and so I scanned it, enlarged it, made it extra black and white, and printed it out.  I am absolutely in love the final result:

I really feel like it pulls together the whole arrangement there, and I may or may not stop and drool every time I walk by.  In fact, I was so excited by this piece that my co-worker made this for me that I hung in our bedroom:

Grow old with me, the best is yet to be
Isn't that cute?  Last, I've finished the wall of frames in the game room.  I added four more frames to really fill out the wall and each frame contains some sort of black and white print, mostly from movies.  We've got a photo from Up, The Notebook, and three from Breakfast at Tiffany's, along with two pictures of us and a signed Seahawks t-shirt (this is Tim's game room, after all).

This picture is our favorite from our trip to Cinque Terre, turned black and white:


For reference, here's the original picture:

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