Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Future Destinations

Now that I'm back fresh from a trip to Europe, I'm already thinking, where should I go on my next big adventure?  I'm hoping that in the fall of 2012, Tim and I will be ready to jet set to another big destination.  The only trouble is (besides saving all our pennies!) is picking which of the wonderful places of the world I want to see next!  I've narrowed it down to six choices, and I thought I'd make a little photo collage to help pick.

*Yes I know I'm entirely too obsessive for already planning a trip approximately 15 months away!  What can I say?

Macchu Piccu/Incan Trail, Peru:
We'd spend a day or four days hiking up to Macchu Piccu and see some wicked sweet Incan ruins, maybe do some rafting, horseback riding, and other South American adventures.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
As a vegan, it would be hard to enjoy one of Buenos Aires famous delicacies, their steak, but I'd love to do some tango dancing and beach-goin

We'd visit the Cliffs of Moher, explore some castles, drink some Guinness, eat a lot of potatoes, and drive around the countryside.

Yeah, I don't think I need any words....I mean look at those pictures.  I'd be pretty much sitting there with my mouth hanging open in unrelentless awe.

Oh Thailand.  My favorite kind of food.  Mecca for rock climbing.  Gorgeous temples, elephant rides, snorkeling, tattoos, hiking, and beautiful beaches.

Bali, Indonesia More amazingness.  "That smells like heaven in a bowl"  I can't just see Tim and I biking down a winding road, picking up some produce in my straw basket, going for a swim...


  1. Man. That doesn't make the choice any easier. Now I just want to go to all of them. :)

  2. I definitely want to visit Ireland one day. It seems less busy, at least in parts, and is just covered in beautiful greenery and history.


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