Monday, June 27, 2011

Goat Lake Hike

I was very excited to do this hike; I had read about it last summer and never found the time or nice enough weather to go!  But this weekend Lindsey and I made the two hour drive up to the trailhead and headed up for Goat Lake.  This particular lake was featured on the cover of the official Washington map, so you can imagine how gorgeous it is. 

The trail followed along a roaring river for a majority of the time.  There were actually two paths we could have taken in the first half, and we followed the lower trail because it was supposed to be a little more interesting.  We were both surprised at how huge, fast, and loud the river was (that's what she said!)

The lake pours into a giant waterfall, which in turn, is the huge rapid river we were walking along earlier.  There's a little side path to view the waterfall before you reach the lake, and there was a nice mist to cool us down.  Also, the waterfall was awesome because it was so big and loud.  This picture doesn't do it justice! 

Below, we found the top of the waterfall and can spot the lake in the distance, so we tried our best at looking exhasted but just look sad :):

And then, finally, the breathtaking view:

Enjoying lunch on the lake edge
Gorgeous, no?  It was such a cute little jewel in the middle of the mountains.  Very serene and quiet and just very lovely.  The hike itself was fairly easy as well.  It's about 11 miles roundtrip, but it's only about 1400 miles of elevation gain throughout the 5 miles out.  Easy to keep the gibber gabber going between us!
My favorite part of the hike was our excitement at seeing some toilets at the end of the trail, only to see this ^.  I would have gone for it but there was a group of people standing about 10 yards away with a clear view, so I decided to wait until we made our way back to the trail head.

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  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t imagine how breathtaking it must have been in person. I am so jealous, I would love to see it and photograph it!!


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