Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crown Molding

Tim and I have been working on our latest home improvement project and are just about done: crown molding in our living room!  We still need to eventually buy some more and hang it up in our hallway and entry wall, but we've got the rest of the living room done and love it.  It was a hefty project that required a lot of holding-the-molding-still-while-the-other-guy-hammers and a lot of carefully placed liquid nails that actually was more like thought-we-used-enough-but-not-too-much-but-was-actually-too-much-and-now-we-get-to-scrub-it-off-the-walls.  But all in all, it wasn't nearly as hard as I was expecting it to be.  I got a couple of "you're putting up crown molding YOURSELF?" that made me a little nervous, but it turned out I read enough how-to's to figure it out on the cheap.  And I'm not going to lie, once I discovered the awesomeness that is caulk, I got a huge sigh of relief, as you'll see below!

Here's the first piece we put up:

Followed by the next piece and a caulked up corner:
Another corner:
I was nervous to use caulk at first because A. I've never used it before and B. I was afraid it would be messy and ugly.  I was very wrong!  It was a cinch to use, just squeeze it where ever you want, smooth it out, or let it dry and then sand.  Soooo easy and it looks amazing.  It made all the little cracks and corners fill in perfectly and you can't even tell it's there.

Now for some troubles that we had- outside corners.  These are a lot more difficult to create because the peices have to fit together much tighter, and the caulk is harder to mold when filling in the cracks.  I don't have after pictures for the below corners, but here's what they look like before:

Now, the corner in the top picture wasn't as bad- just filled it in, and it was practically good as new.  There is a little more "sanding" I plan to do to get it completely molded.  However, in the bottom picture, you can see how one of the pieces we mounted ended up being too short and we were left with a big crack.. We didn't now how to fill it in and with our dinner party hours away, I ended up whittling a little piece of leftover molding to take up most of the empty space and then used caulk to try to fill it in.  We actually ran out of caulk in the middle of this part and have yet to run out for more, but as soon as we do I'll post after pictures.  

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