Monday, May 23, 2011

Improvements to be Made

Our home is an ever changing, ever evolving piece of work.  I'm constantly changing my mind on decor style, colors, accessories, etc., but there are some solid design schemes and house details that always remain constant- my love for molding and crystals for example. 

Tim and I (OK, I) have a to-do list we're constantly updating.  Right now, here's the little projects around the house that we have left to do (for now!).

Install crown molding in the living room and hallway
Install vertical sliding blinds along the living room window
Buy and install a garbage disposal
Update towel rack fixtures in bathroom
Install new laminate tile in the kitchen and bathroom
Buy curtains for the bedroom!!!! (very important to us!  We have an ugly blanket literally thumbtacked to the wall right now and it's ridiculous looking and hard to "open" during the day)
Install crown molding in bedroom
Wallpaper one wall in the bedroom to add a little texture and interest
Make higher quality curtains for the closet
Buy a new lounge chair (or two) for the game room.  This is obviously a long term goal because we need to save up for them (vacations are so much more interesting than chairs!), but we also never use the game room because there's only one chair in there.  The room is gorgeous though, so I'd love to hang out in there more.
Finish up the rest of the framed pictures in the game room
Figure out how I want to paint the entry wall and nook
Living room accesories: new rug for the sitting area, at least one new pillow, figure out what I want to hang next to the TV and in the nook, maybe a new lamp (move around currently lightly)

And last but so not least:
Decorate the deck: lots of plants and flowers, possibly a bench to sit on, two aqua seat cushions, a string of lights, and a cute little lantern for the table.  And obviously I need a watering can. 

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