Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Change Is Gonna Come/Tiger Mountain

Yesterday Tim and I took a nice hike up Tiger Mountain, and now I'm so sore!  I love being sore from working out- the pain is addicting and feels exhilarating.  

Tiger Mountain was a bit of a dissapointment.  The hike itself is a great workout, but the top is void of any breathtaking views.  In fact, there are so many trees up there that it doesn't even feel like you're on top of a mountain!  Climbing summits are my favorite hikes- there's no feeling that comes close to the one when you're standing on top of a mountain.

Right now, I'm enjoying a rare Sunday lazying around at home.  I haven't been home longer then to sleep in almost two weeks, so I am finally cleaning, catching up on Dexter, and relaxing!!

5/15 Playlist
  • George Harrison- I Live For You
  • Cee Lo Green- Fuck You
  • Eric Clapton & Baby Face- If I Could Change the World
  • Bob Dylan- Hurricane
  • Eric Clapton- Beware of Darkess (George Harrison cover)
  • Flaming Lips- Do You Realize
  • Beatles- Happiness Is A Warm Gun
  • Sam Cooke- A Change Is Gonna Come
  • TuPac- Thugz Mansion
  • Neon Trees- Animal
  • Rolling Stones- Sympathy For The Devil
I love Eric Clapton.  In fact, I love him so much that I wrote an editorial for the college newspaper after I saw him in concert the first time in high school.  I bought a concert t-shirt as a memento but actually sewed it down to my size and lived in it for the next two years. 

Side note: I am dying to lay on a beach and listen to the ocean waves and soak in the hot sun.  

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