Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, Monday

How was everyone's weekends? Mine was good and long with no work!!! I spent Friday night bouncing from Elysian Fields to Safeco Field to Pyramid with Tim, PJ and Marc. It was lots of fun, and the Macklemore tribute perfomance to Dave Neihaus made both Tim and I tear up!!

I went to this awesome tea house in Bell Town with my mom and her high school friends who are visiting this weekend. It was very neat, we all sat around the tea-stress and she made us any tea we wanted. We were about 12 cups in by the time we were able to pull ourselves away! My mom bought me some cocunut tea that I'm looking forward to as an afternoon pick me up, and a rose tea that is supposed to help you sleep (let's hope it works!)

I also spent my REI dividend on a camp pad to go with the new sleeping bag I got for Christmas. I'm so very anxious for summer to start so I can hit the woods and the rocks and the ocean shores and the moutains!

On another note, I finally found the paint color I want to do in my living room (good bye green!), "River Reflections" by Benjamin Moore- it's a nice griege color that should look great with all the teal and plum accents I already have. I'm very excited to get it going!

Here are some of the songs I'm listening to today with this beautiful sunshine:

LOVE Blind Melon

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