Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Me!!

I became vegan one year ago today... I was at a baby shower eating sushi and veggies and starving, before I figured out how to eat properly! Thank goodness for Malena, who helped me expand my palate well beyond rice and beans!!! And thank you to Gemma for reminding me why I became vegan in the first place with that horrible egg farm story you told me the other day. And I'm really appreciative of my mom. who always tries whatever vegan food I make her and doesn't complain of me being vegan! Most of all, my wonderfully awesome husband who has been super supportive and has adopted a largely vegan lifestyle as well!!

Actually now that I think about it YESTERDAY was actually my one year! Oh no! Oh well, I'm still going to go celebrate with a vegan feast at Choco Canyon cafe!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Redondo Beach, CA

Better late than never, but I haven't reviewed Redondo Beach yet. Tim and I traveled there on a whim last November with two friends of mine, Drew and Randall, as well as a good mass of Sounders fans who call themselves the Emerald City Supporters, or ECS.

All the ECS Fans at the LA Galaxy match

Redondo Beach is actually part of L.A.- it's near the southern side, along the beach, obviously. When we signed up for the trip, we were under the impression it would be more of an L.A. trip than a sleepy boring beach town when it was too cold to lay out. Trying to save money and to make the trip to the reclusive stadium, we decided to stay at the same hotel as the rest of the ECS fans in Redondo Beach, instead of up in Ventura Hills with my brother, Glendale with my uncle, or in another hotel in the middle of L.A.

Well, Redondo Beach was rather boring. Thankfully, the pier (which was the only thing to do) was just a block from out hotel, and where we spent pretty much the whole time that we weren't at the game, meeting up at an Irish bar called Kilkinney's. Kilkinney's had amazing breakfast potatoes, Manny's, and a giant Guinness mascot suit. What more could you need? Oh yes, the huge window walls and gorgeous sunsets each night.

We did get some amazing food though, including one of those amazing Acai Berry Bowls that I am obsessed with, and plenty of Mexican food.

The highlight of the trip for me was a visit to Happy Veggie, an Asian vegan restaurant that happened to be within walking distance of our hotel. We opted for the prefix menu for two, and enjoyed their signature Pho with tofu, soy chicken, and veggies, along with Green Beans & Chicken and Broccoli with Beef. For dessert, we shared a berry "cheese"cake that was to die for. All the food was amazing and delicious, and it felt so awesome to be shoveling in food and still feel so clean and light and healthy after. It was especially nice to see my husband enjoying the soy chicken and beef as much as real meat, with the added bonus of knowing we weren't contributing to more stress on the environment and animal cruelty. The soy meat was a little too weird for me to eat after being vegan for 9 months, so I only had a few pieces, but they tasted so incredibly real and lifelike that I had to stop!

I'm going back to L.A. in May for a mother-daughter-granddaughter trip, so I hope to be able to visit at least one vegan restaurant! Here's hoping I convince my family to try one out ;)