Monday, September 20, 2010

A Major Victory; And A Path Forward

I just received an email from the Earth Island Institute, which sponsers the Save the Dolphins movement, about treaty that's just been signed with the Coloman Islands:

"A Major Victory; And A Path Forward
On this past weekend’s episode of BLOOD DOLPHINS, our Earth Island team successfully negotiated an END to a 450-year tradition of killing dolphins with three of eight tribes in the Solomon Islands! Watch for yourself here:

A tense negotiation:

This is a HUGE victory for the dolphins and will result in thousands of lives saved. The Solomon Islands is right behind Japan in terms of the number of dolphins brutally killed each year. It is so engrained in local customs that the teeth are used for currency. The team went there unsure of what to expect. So we listened, heard local concerns and together came to a reasonable conclusion. As a result, we have agreed to help them develop sustainable long-term solutions to dolphin hunting. And they will stop killing dolphins.

We have a hard commitment from them for 2 years. But we must help them build viable alternatives that will allow them to thrive beyond that point, and serve as an example for other tribes. Can you make a donation to help us in these efforts?

Please also consider signing the petition to stop the trade of live dolphins from the Solomon Islands:

The Solomon Island’s could be a shining beacon of what’s possible for other countries – specifically, Japan and the Faroe Islands. Solomon’s is far more primitive and remote then either of these places. If they can adapt, can’t modern day Japan and Denmark?

We believe they can with your help.

As always, thanks for your support,

Ric O’Barry
Campaign Director
Earth Island Institute/Save Japan Dolphins "

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