Monday, June 1, 2009

Moroccan Patio: Yes or No in Washington?

My fiancé and I came up with the brilliant design concept of making our new deck-to-be a Moroccan Oasis and I've been giddy with excitement ever since. After spending hours searching for design inspiration, I've come up with the following:

The foundation of a good Moroccan scheme is comfort. Good, ample seating with multitudes of pillows and cushions; a curtain for privacy and an air of whimsical romance; and most importantly, use a bold jewel toned colors.

Plastic rattan cozy chairs. Weather-proof and chic. I think these scream 'Moroccan' when paired with the right cushions.

A mosquito net to drape behind the chairs and table. It will mimic the look of curtained of patios while functioning with the ever-changing weather of the northwest.

For decorations, I would chose a variety of hanging lanterns such as the following:

And for the tabletop:

I'm torn as to what kind of table I would want to complete the look. I automatically gravitate towards a round, mosaic-style look, but with these chairs, would a low, square table look better? I could paint a wooden one a bold shade to complement the rest of the design.

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