Friday, May 22, 2009

To Sofa or Not...

Well as our living room seems to be smaller than we keep imagining it, I've realized that we will probably need a new, smaller couch to make the living room livable.

Right now, we have a dark purple couch from Ikea and I love it. The color matches my scheme perfectly, so I'm going to be very sad to see it go...however, I've also always wanted a white leather couch (or black!) so here's an opportunity to get a leather loveseat that matches our "Poang Chair". Our chair has a black frame with a "natural" cushion, so finding a white couch that matches might be a problem.

We'll probably still go to Ikea, since we are on a budget, so here are our options we decided on:

First, our current chair:

And the following are the different accompaning options:

Pro's: Leather, very comfy
Con's: Expensive, not sure if the color will match the chair

Pro's: Leather, the color matches, very comfy
Con's: Expensive

Pro's: Cheaper, comfy
Con's: White is too white

Pro's: Cheaper, comfy, color will match well
Con's: Will the room be too dark?

I had a few other options, but I've eliminated them in my head based on their size and non-comfy factor. I'm torn between these four options though. My head is telling me the black leather will look best, but maybe the white leather will still match? They don't have to go together perfectly, but just be close enough. And then there are the other two, the black fabric couch will probably be a good bet as well. What's your vote?


  1. It is a tought choice! I was leaning towards one of the leather ones but we would have to wait on getting them since they are so pricey. The good thing is we are going to have this place for a long time so we won't be switching living rooms AGAIN in a year so we can finally start getting stuff that matches that room and that room only! haha

  2. Yah so true! I think the leather would be good, but I'd really be fine with any of them!

  3. Here's what I think: if you can offload your apartment, go for the leather. If you get stuck with the bill... go for the cheaper one.

  4. Go for the leather, it will last forever. I don't know what color though, the black will show less dirt, but true it is alot darker!

  5. Another thing to think about wouldn't leather be easier to get bunny fur off of. might be good for your breathing. So many factors!

  6. OH GOOD POINT! Leather would be much much easier to clean hair! Think about having a black cloth couch with that hair....shudder


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